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  1. US edition pg 492-493 Well, Elayne and Birgitte's idea with the gateway had worked out, even if it hadn't been the way they'd planned. It was still better than what Mat had been able to come with; his only idea bad been to try to stuff one of those medallions down the gholam's throat. Should probably have been "It was still better than what Mat had been able to come up with;"
  2. US edition Chapter 27 pg 431 "But we must make some kind of declaration," Romanda said. She was eldest among them, and would be the one running the meeting. "Something to make the position of the Hall known, to dissuade the Amyrlin from an imprudent call for war." This is the Aes Sedai talking not the Kin. Age means nothing in the AS hierarchy. Maybe he meant strongest but I'm unsure if Romanda is the strongest of that grouping or not.
  3. I figure non AS darkfriends are set up similarly to the AS but not identically. Size of the "Hearts" probably vary somewhat but how many are known to each individual would increase with your level of importance with someone like Old Cully being pretty familiar with most of the DF in his city/area even if they didn't know more than a handful themselves. "Signs" would be an acceptable form of ID as a card or pin in your possession would cause too many questions if caught. Some innocuous little gesture that you could make with a hand that wouldn't get you branded as crazy while not being too common of a gesture that normal folks would have DFs falling at the feet everytime they adjusted their hair or clothing.
  4. I think the special FS mark is visible only to Shadowspawn as Asmo and Lanfear are stated to have given "signals" or "signs" to Kadere that showed them to be ranked at the very top of the Darkfriend hierarchy, yet not as FS per say. Something was also said by some DF that if a beggar gave the proper "signs" a Lord would have to obey. I'm afraid I can't even recall roughly where the later was stated but the first would be in TGH (err, I mean TSR).
  5. No, they used the Portal Stone world to get ahead of Fain, came out into the real world and waited for several days near Kinslayer's Dagger, then snuck into the camp that they only saw because they were in front of it as the fire in the camp was hidden from the people Fain assumed were behind his group. Seleane opened the case back at Rand's camp, reached for the Horn and Rand got it first. He then put it back with Mat's dagger in the bell and shut up the case.
  6. The only books I'm aware of are the ones I listed.Three Falon books as Reagan O'Neal,six Conan books as Robert Jordan and Cheyenne Raiders as Jackson O'Reilly. Maybe someone else has heard of another other than his first unpublished manuscript I've heard mention of.
  7. I officially voted for TEotW as it is my favorite, but must admit it sucks as to actual book related details. Moiraine is on a white Bela, if that is Rand just after Lan and Moiraine then someone took shoe polish to his horse as it was described as Gray with black tail and mane, Rand never wears his sword on his back he has a belt and sheath. Lan shouldn't be in Plate, he has a scale tunic and so on and so forth. My second favorite is TPoD as the detail is so much better as to Rand. But alas I had to pick one only and that in all honesty was book 1. Need a poll as to the worst two. The bodice ripper and hulklike Rand will probably tie though. Does anybody have links to say some European covers that are different?
  8. Cheyanne Raiders, which you didn't specifically ask about but WAS written by Jim Rigney, is my favorite of his previous novels. It is a stand alone novel set in the American West prior to our nation's expansion. Again it is based on history so it is somewhat limited but of the books I've read is most similar to TWoT series in style. It is probably a novel that I will read again later and I can't really say that of either the Fallon series or the Conan books. It is adult oriented with sex but not quite as blatant as the Fallon books. Afraid it will be up to others to help you out on Sanderson's work. AMoL will most likely be the first book I will read by him. Hope these have been of some help. I am pretty sure all his previous books have been reprinted recently by Forge, a subsiderary of TOR, the only question being Conan as I have the original books and not the Trade Paperbacks I've seen recently in bookstores. Availability shouldn't be an issue on American sites but you may not wish to deal with the international shipping issues and currency problems.
  9. I've only read two of the Fallon novels, the first two so don't worry that I will spoil the ending ;D The story is based loosely on actual events during the American Revolution in book one, the War of 1812 in book two and as I haven't read book three I can not comment. The setting in general is in the American South with side trips to other locales. These books are adult historical fiction with quite a bit sexual content. This is the series for those who think TWoT books to be too staid. Again these books are not as detailed as TWoT but characters are treated to a bit more depth than we see in Conan but nowhere near the level of TWoT series. I found the sexual escapades to be a bit overboard for my tastes but others may find them refreshing and truer to actual human behavior. These books preceed the Conan series that he did. Again, actual historical fact limits the story to some extent. He doesn't have the freedom of the world he creates for TWoT and it shows. Still a decent story.
  10. I've read the whole Conan series by Jordan, I don't really care for Conan so not having read the other writer's stories I can't really compare and contrast, but they are well written stories. Not on the level of TWoT by any means and the charecters are not well fleshed out literally. It may have been that RJ was writing in a well established story that he didn't feel that he needed the in depth description as his new world in TWoT did. I'd rate his Conan books as typical young man Fantasy. There is sex and well endowed females to make the typical reader of this genre happy and plenty of fights to keep the pace moving. The worst, in my opinion, is the rewrite of the movie script but I feel he made the story more intersting than the movie but he was just too constrained by having the plot already laid out and the stricture of following that inevitable plot line really took away from his style.
  11. Unless, like myself, you are still reading the first editions from oh so many years ago. I have found myself arguing quotes from older books only to find the other person is on a much newer reprint that RJ and the editors have corrected. Used to be a thread somewhere that listed errors in the book but I haven't seen it lately. Could have been on a different site too.
  12. You know I had always assumed Rand burned Aginor. If you remember RJ did a lot of the dreamlike fight sequences in the early books and Rand would always come slowly out of the fight like waking from a dream. I thought it was kind of vauge like on purpose to match that feeling. Sometime in the last couple of books Rand and LTT are having one of their conversations in Rand's skull when LTT says he finally remembers killing Ishy and of course Rand thinks instead that he himself did it but it was like a light going off in my skull. Rand didn't kill Ishy, LTT was directing the flows like in the Stone when he made the thundercloud construct and that was why Rand was so vauge as to what was going on in the actual scenes. He didn't know. It made the next reread so much more logical as some untrained farmboy wasn't beating the most powerful AS from the Age of Legends, it was LTT doing it and the reason was they saw a jumped up farmboy and treated him as such. I thought it strange that LTT started with Ishy and not Aginor. So I paid closer attention on the reread and realized he probably drew too much saidin.
  13. I remember...I remember...but it is gone. Darn this Alzheimer's. "My memories are torn and often fleeting, and much of what remains is like leaves visited by caterpillars." Maybe I should change my nick to Nym or The Greenman. I often find myself referring to Goblin Queen as goblin girl though and I don't know why. Oh well, I shall go tend to my garden though it is not what I was made for.
  14. I always had a different take on why Rand feared using Callandor or the Choden Kal. It wasn't fear of the taint overwhelming him, as has been stated he was unaware of the lack of buffer for the taint in Callandor until Cadsuanne told him of it, but instead stemmed from the feeling of power handling that much OP instilled in him. Check out his use of Callandor during the attack on the stone, after Lanfear reminds him that he has left it lying around unprotected, that is. He tries to raise the dead child until Moiraine tells him that he is not the Creator and cannot heal death. After that he begins to question if he can even trust himself to use Callandor without haring off to Shayol Ghul to face the DO. When he finds the access key for the CK he is even more scared of what he could do with that. Remember that Selene explained about the actual CK statue on the way to Cairhein after he got just a miniscule taste of its power. The actual statue isn't portable and probably didn't tempt him with thoughts of using the great power of it at Shaol Ghul as the access key did. I don't remember the Taint even affecting Rand in his first two uses of Callandor, or actually LTT's uses because it is obvious that he supplied the knowledge to defeat Ishy and the cloud construct that killed the shadowspawn in the Stone, the first time it occured seemed to be after the long battle with the Seanchan. That was probably more due to constant use over a long period than extra taint causing instant insanity. Anyway, just my two coppers worth on why Rand doesn't go around using either on a daily basis even after his use of the access key at the cleansing cleared the taint issue out of the equation.
  15. In very simple terms he peeled it off much like peeling the skin from a bananna, if you were to peel the skin off by forcing it through a pipe or ring the same size as the "meat" inside the skin. On a side note, he also had to channel every drop of tainted saidin available to be channeled, if he didn't the bananna would not be completley peeled.
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