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  1. Wow! That's surprising. I would guess that perhaps Barney wasn't available, and they needed to get the show in the can, but who knows. @HarldinI like that idea. Reminds me of Luke Skywalker getting mauled in Empire Strikes Back to explain the scars on Mark Hamell's face after his car accident.
  2. FINALLY! After 30-ish years. I have finished the entire series!!! My goal was to finish it before the show comes out November 19th. I made it!!! No more dodging spoilers. Also @CaddySedai I see in another thread that you are a Trek fan. Me too, for a long time.
  3. Just started "A Memory of Light." Kind of sad that this series is coming to an end. But also looking forward to seeing what happens. AND I am looking forward to not having to dodge spoilers anymore.
  4. I see there's even a Bela Fan Club!!!
  5. I haven't done much besides reading the articles on the front page. Are there any things that I should look at? Did you see the photo of Moirane on Aldieb that I found yesterday in TV Guide Magazine? Reading Status: Finishing The Gathering Storm tonight. On to Towers of Midnight.
  6. Oh that's a difficult question to answer. I like them all. I'm in the middle of "Knife of Dreams" now and pulling for Egwene.
  7. I'm new to Dragonmount so I thought I'd say hello. I am a retired sailor and back in the early to mid 1990's, while floating around on various oceans and seas, I began to read the Wheel of Time series. I made it through book 7. Unfortunately book 8 hadn't been written yet. So I waited. While waiting for the next books I got married and had a child. So life got in the way for a while. We all heard of RJ's illness so we waited more. More deployments came and went. Eventually I forgot about finishing the series. Then in 2020 I heard they're making the series into a TV show and I though HEY! I should really read these books before the TV show comes out. So here I am. I re-read books 1 thru 7 and have finished reading 8 and 9. I'm just starting "Crossroads of Twilight." At this rate I should finish the series in a couple of months. I'm REALLY looking forward to seeing WoT on Prime.
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