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  1. So I started to look at this show as a different turning of the wheel than the books, and it's given my mind enough of a separation that I can sit down and actually enjoy this adaptation. Pros: - Scenery looks fantastic. Seriously good. It's not how I pictured Tar Valon but I can get behind it. Emond's Field and Shadar Logoth are spot on for me. - We haven't really gotten to see anything of the three boys, zero lines in the teaser, but Mat is rivaling Moraine as the most spot of casting for me. If there was one character I wanted them to absolutely nail, I would have chosen Mat. Barney is going to be a damn baller if this show gets far enough to cover his transformation in Shadow Rising. Kinda wish they didn't give him a full beard this early though. - Pike as Moraine. What can I say, she's perfect. That is one face I'm completely okay with replacing my head cannon face. - Didn't get to see much of the Trollocs but they look spot on. Myrddraal are way different, but the point comes across. Cons: - Not a huge fan of the way channeling looks. We saw multiple weaves in the trailer from healing to flows of air to lightening and they all look like white misty smoke. I know that was probably going to be the hardest part of a live action adaptation but still a little disappointed the different elements aren't even different colors. - Lan... yikes. Nothing against the actor, but he's way too small and thin to be Lan from my perspective who I always saw in my minds eye as a tank. - Not super thrilled how Nyneave is coming across so far, both in appearance and attitude. - Also not a big fan that Nyneave is apparently teaching Egwene how to embrace Saidar. That's probably the first big story change we've seen. - So Tam al'thor killed Rob Stark, and I'm never going to get over that... - Perrin... my favorite character of all time... I'll be patient and hope I'm proven wrong.
  2. With each piece of content that comes out I lean more and more on simply skipping this show altogether. I know media adaptations are never perfect (though LotR and the first half of GoT came really really close - I also wasn't that attached to either of those stories when the media first released), but this is simply horrifying to my WoT book-loving heart. My brain has a tendency to mentally replace faces I see from books with the film adaptations and honestly none of these actors come close for me to want to risk losing that.
  3. Haven't posted here in a long long time and had to recreate my account, so my apologies if this has been discussed, but with the show around the corner I've been paying closer attention. Can anyone tell me if this article been debunked? https://boundingintocomics.com/2020/02/06/exclusive-amazons-wheel-of-time-features-big-change-to-perrin-aybaras-character/ That is umm... errrr... yeah no thanks. I'll be skipping this show. I already had very little faith that any TV or movie adaptation would do any justice encompassing the huge world WoT is, but to make changes like that...
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