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  1. <quote> Can anyone show us who mention this in the books and when? Ishamael? I think if the dragon choose the shadow's side, that'll be the end. </quote> It's in Lord of Chaos. It's from one of the forsaken points of views... When Demandred is talking to graednal... Something about when Ishy was sane, and back in the Age of legends, he was a philosopher... and he said that in past turnings of the wheel, the tool of the creator has been something about a tool of the great lord... That passage baffled me and i made a mental note... Apparently the dark one and the c
  2. hmm.. new dread lord then, with something of histroy of aiel at fingertips.. I'm angry now, my extreme revelation was stamped down in seconds.
  3. Okay, this may sound odd, but i've pieced it together... Taim is a forsaken, who has been placed into another body. Whether it's Asmodean or one of the other dead guys i don't know.. Here's my reasoning.. Saldaea is in the borderlands. The Great Lord has pulled some bodies (the best that could be taken from the borderlands) to stash some of the forsaken reborn into.. When rand is talking to Taim, Taim says something about the "So Called Aiel" This is just after Rand was bonded against his will in The Lord of Chaos... Just after Verin and Allana were at the inn in
  4. The dangly moons and stars in cadsuanes hairs... These are angreal, used for things like wells and detecting a mans channeling, right? It seems the RJ likes to drop one sentence clues throughout this whole thing.. There's a meeting in The Fires of heaven.. Some of the forsaken, Graendal, Lanfear, Sammy and Ravine. when lanfear steps out, her dark hair is done up with silver crescents and stars... She ends up falling into the foxland doorframe. And then comes back disguised as cadsuane??????????????
  5. Exactly what my point is. There is a very interesting scene where Moridin is playing stones with himself, and talking about playing both sides. He's mad, of course, but if he controlled the forsaken, then there it is.. How better to control the forsaken than to name yourself nabless
  6. And fain is more than a dark friend. I suspect fain wants the dark one dead as bad as any of the good guys. but fain doesn't care if he takes the world out with him. There's talk in the shadow rising about all this during that scene at the white cloak camp.
  7. When the white cloaks were in the two rivers, and fain had a fade chained in this tent, and was threatening it, the fade agreed to do as fain wanted.. fain settled down to talk of plans and what not, but that fade is never mentioned again as far as i know. It has to be the fade named shaidar haran. remember the stones board and "It's hard to lose when you play both sides of the board" I think that through shaidar haran, fain has taken control of the forsaken. Thoughts?
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