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  1. Welcome. Your intro was beautifully put!
  2. Welcome Jia, we're blessed to have you here.
  3. Hello Sunny Gas Man. Welcome. You have great taste in books and movies!
  4. Faelene


    Welcome Dandrius. Mmmmm, culinary school? Mmmmmmm
  5. It was a hard choice. I do get great recommendations from friends, which is how I started reading WoT. But often I do a combination of browsing the library/bookstore and browsing online, reading reviews and such. In both cases the appeal of the book cover and title plays a major role in whether I'll look at it in the first place.
  6. Welcome Blaze! I'm excited that you've gotten into the books. . . you have a lot of reading to catch up on. . . Have any ideas on what you'll study when you go back to school?
  7. Thanks Zardi, I just wasn't sure exactly what they were supposed to look like. I know, I know . . . a hexagon. . . but they were lookin' blobby to me. :P
  8. Here's a pic of them. http://i205.photobucket.com/albums/bb271/tesapie/SL270025.jpg I'm just having an issue with consistency in size and general shape. This is my first time increasing and decreasing, so hopefully with a bit of practice I'll improve. :P
  9. Are anybody elses hexagons turning out as crappy as mine? :P
  10. Add my name to the Knitters/Crocheters list please! I've tried out a hexagon. . . it came out alright, except for a pretty large hole on one portion! Oops. I'll have to have another go at it. :P
  11. Rest in peace, RJ. The words you have written will always be on my shelf and in my heart.
  12. Hi there and welcome. The Aiel Org. sends you these stick on dragon tattoos so you can slap them on your arms and pretend to be the Car'a Carn! Enjoy.
  13. Faelene

    Hi again

    Why hello there!
  14. Glad you've come back to us! If you give the Maidens over at the Aiel Org, the name and address of your ex, I'm sure we can show her a good time. . . eh hem. . . I'm joking. Of course I am . . .
  15. Glancing at your username I thought it said Razor Panties, at first. If you ever want to hang out at the Aiel org, the sweat tents and oosquai will welcome you. Congrats on graduating early! You're just doing it so you can join a fraternity, are'nt you?
  16. Why hello there Tanner and welcome to DM! Hope to see you around. Here's a bucketful of oosquai from the Aiel Org. Enjoy!
  17. Welcome! Have fun RPing! *Hands you some oosquai from the Aiel Org.*
  18. Hi there! Dm is a good place to spend in between books. . . and while reading them. If you ever want to hang out, the org's are always available, they all have different focuses of interests. And the discussion threads, as I'm sure you know are always fun to join in on. :D *Sends you some oosquai from the Aiel Org.* Hope you have fun where ever you end up!
  19. Oh good, I was wondering why you hadn't uploaded any new work! Hope it works for you soon. I'm anxious to see your new stuff!
  20. Faelene


    Welcome! I tried to start up guitar once, but unfortunately I've found I have no rhythm. ;D You should definitely stop by our Illuminators Org. There is always some sort of project you can join in on if you have time. Also the Aiel Org. are a pretty fun group of people!
  21. You can always stop by the Aiel Org. We are a small group that likes to hang out and sometimes do a bit of raiding. ;)
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