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  1. Ahhh, yes - that must be the age we are currently in. ( 🤣 , j/k) I also took Ishamael's talk of knowing all his past lives and that, in some turns, the Shadow wins out over Rand/the Dragon are lies. He talks a big talk, but many times, he's just plain lying to try to intimidate Rand/the Dragon- for example, the whole Ba'alzamon shtick.
  2. I have the same issue with D*Con and wedding anniversary - we got married on Labor Day, since the venue was cheaper on a Sunday. 🤣 Brightly Burning usually makes me cry, but there are so many great moments in it! Hint on the character: She has her own stand-alone book, while her Aunt has a trilogy. 😉
  3. @LadyWordsmith Wow - WoT a great collection! 😜 Who is the artist? Looks like it was the same person?
  4. I'm coming back to the Wheel of Time fandom after a long absence. I finally had time to finish the books during maternity leave. I convinced my husband to name our daughter after a character from Mercedes Lackey's Valdemar books. 🤓 She is now about 4 months old! I also enjoy reading Sanderson's other works, and recently received my 10th year anniversary edition of The Way of Kings from his kickstarter campaign. They are so cool looking and came with a bunch of swag! I love searching out cool old hardcovers for my library and other swag. I went to DragonCon for the first time in 2019 and had a blast (bought a Moiraine print from Dan Dos Santos that is hanging up in the library 😍). D*Con 2020 was also great (all hail Chad). Does anyone here go?
  5. Hello everyone. 👋 Looking forward to chatting with you all!
  6. I hope so! I love being able to watch and digest episodes each week - looking forward to the watch parties!
  7. @Elder_Haman Since Game of Thrones was a more traditional weekly release-type show, I don't think it would be directly comparable to a show that releases all episodes at the same time like The Boys. I think much of the pull of The Boys was Karl Urban (e.g. since he is already a popular sci-fi/fantasy actor), but maybe that is just what drew me? 🤣 Hopefully Rosamond's name recognition can bring in some extra viewers!
  8. I'm going to count the show as successful if they do a better rendition than they did of Sword of Truth (Legend of the Seeker show). That one had a lot of promise at the beginning of the first season, but quickly went downhill. I'm hoping that the WoT show doesn't do that.
  9. Hello! I already introduced myself over at the White Tower, but wanted to say hello to everyone else at DM. 👋 I'm coming back to the WoT fandom after a long leave of absence. Excited to meet you all!
  10. The way I read it, I thought that he was either more powerful or was not trapped like the others. lol about Dream Shards - It may or may not have been in RJ's outlines, but I just think it is funny that there happen to be so many references to 'shards' in BS' books. 🤣
  11. During this scene as well as the scenes with Logain 'maybe' being a bad guy, I was thinking that maybe BS was showing the Pattern pulling at the people surrounding ta'veren. Maybe the Pattern wanted the same thing that happened last time (e.g. Lews Therin/female Channelers deciding not to assist), and so pulled Egwene towards being obnoxious. With Logain, it seemed that either the Pattern (or BS, haha) wanted to pull some sort of Demandred/Lews Therin-type arc. I attributed much of his later selfish choices in this light. Haha my googling just led me to another of RJ's short stories I need to read: The Strike at Shayol Ghul.
  12. That is what I was thinking as well. Otherwise, they would just be looking for one or two babies!
  13. I was surprised when I found that Logain was going to be a major figure in Season 1. There are just so many other characters and events in Book 1. He is one of my favorite characters, though, so I'm actually excited to hear that. Thanks for sharing your theory @Elder_Haman - maybe they will omit some of the Lews Therin story early on and instead have Logain showing the negative impacts of channeling saidin? From the hype/marketing that I've seen, I got the impression that the series (at least the first season) would be more Moiraine-centric?
  14. Agreed about Fiona Shaw. They need to cast actresses that have a lot of backbone and grace. It will be interesting to see how they either do casting, costuming, or other choices to differentiate Aes Sedai from other women in the series, since they aren't doing any 'ageless look' CGI.
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