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  1. Hi! How are you faring in your newness to DM? It is always great seeinng new people around :D Be sure while you're here to check out every single Org! You never knwo which one will be right for you in the end until you try them. I know it took me a while to try the Band (was too absorbed in the White Tower, and the Wolfkin), but once I did, I was hooked. I wish I had tried out every org when I first started, but I didnt and that's why i am suggesting it to you :D So have fun, try things out, test the waters, and make a home in the orgs you find the most fun and comfortable for you!
  2. Hello and welcome to DM! There are lots of thinngs to do and check out here, and I guarantee it won;t be a waste of time :D There are so many fun orgs out there that I suggest you try them all out for size, and stay with the ones that you have the most fun in, or that make you feel the most at home. For me it was the Band of the Red Hand. All hands down. But you never really know which is right for you until you try them all, so I hope to see you stop by the Band sometime for a visit, and hopefully I'll be seeing you in recruit training!
  3. Hiyas! Welcome to DM, so many people have already welcomed you and innvited you to the Band and other Orgs, that I will simply say this. While you're here the most important thing is that you have fun, and for that I suggest you check out every org there, just post around a bit here and there, get a feel for the Orgs and the people within them, and stick around in the ones that make you feel the most at home and you have the most fun in! For me it was the band, for you it could be the Seanchan, or the Wolfkin, or even the White Tower. Just remember there is no limit to the Orgs you can join, so be sure to give them all a try, there are some amazing people in each and every one!
  4. Well sure, check out the Seanchan...they are pretty cool and such...but the band is just all around the best org out there. So much mroe to do there than in any other org there is :D But enough praise for the band, it is always nice to see new people, and my suggestion to you would be to stop by and visit each org, and stick with the ones you feel the most at home with. For me, it was the Band, all hands down. But it may not be what's right for you. Just check things out, test the waters, and most important of all have FUN!
  5. *shy wave* hello! I'm new here...^-^ Thought I'd pop in and check things out!
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