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  1. I'm really excited to see Johann Myers as Padan Fain. I've always wondered what this character would look like on screen 🙂
  2. So @Thrasymachus, from the casting of actors you haven't seen in the role, about 6 seconds of footage that we don't even know is in the show, and a couple of stills that have shown us nothing, you've managed to identity how much of a failure this will probably be, and that they've completely undermined the whole of the Wheel of Time. How? We've seen literally nothing? And if all this is based on the casting, then really? Again the role the character plays is more important than the colour of their skin... as long as the actors actually become the characters they're playing, what does it matter? And if it's not the casting, then I don't know what you're problem is because again we know next to nothing...
  3. I just think in adaptation, the role of the character is more important than their colour or heritage - unless it's completely impossible because their colour and heritage is fundamental to who they are at their core, but that isn't the case here. Here, we just need actors good enough to become who these characters are through their personality and development in the story.
  4. Sean


    I'm very excited for the show. Itching for content and information, and I will probably jump straight into the show. I think I'm far enough in the books that I shouldn't have too much of a problem when it comes to overlap in terms of the narrative and where the characters are 🙂
  5. I mentioned this on the casting thread but I thought Angela Sarafyan (mainly known from Westworld) would make a good Lanfear. https://www.imdb.com/name/nm1494168/
  6. Sean


    Thank you! And no, not yet 🙂
  7. Sean


    Hi there, didn't realise at first that I should probably do this, but joined recently and can't wait to join the discussions regarding the books and especially the TV show 🙂
  8. So I'm quite new to this forum but I've been loving the small "trailers", and love the look of everything so far. Really excited for more, and hope we get a trailer, release date or even both at some point 🙂
  9. How about Angela Sarafyan as Lanfear? https://www.imdb.com/name/nm1494168/
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