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  1. Hey @The Purple Ajah, and @Elder_Haman,you bring some really interesting and detailed points to the topic. I definitely think I will enjoy my time at DM. Debating topics with difference of opinion in an adult and concise manner without anyone taking offence is the key to many a social divide in todays world. I think you have alleviated a major concern of mine to do with the casting choices and I thank you for that 🙂 . I think that the LGBTQ subject is a very simple one for Mr Judkins to address as there is, as stated, so many instances of it popping up in the series. On a light
  2. I'm in two minds about the cast in it's current state. Having a majority of BAME people playing Two Rivers folk comes across as a shoe horning choice to cater to a particular political demographic (which is happening all too often these days). I will however be reserving final judgement when I eventually watch the TV show. As for LGBTQ+ stuff, I originally though it would spoil some aspects of the show, but when you read into the story, there is a whole lot of potential for meaningful relationships between characters not of the hetero persuasion, so this is ultimately forgivable IMHO.
  3. Okay, lets do this!! 1 - As far as I understand it we start off as initiates. Warders begin as Algai, then become Manshima and finally Der’Manshima. Aes Sedai on the other hand start off as Novice, then become Accepted and finally raise to the shawl of the Aes Sedai. Respect for our brothers and sisters of battle and shawl is mandatory, as well as for members of higher rank. 2 - The CoC is a supplementary rules set alongside the general DM ones. There's a warning point system, that flags up violations of these rules. Behaviour to be avoided is as follows:- - Hate sp
  4. Thank you kindly. I may need to undergo the testing first to determine any Channelling ability. See you soon!
  5. I have read the CoC, and filled in the simple form. I'm here to state my intention of training to become a warder. Thank you 🙂
  6. I'd gladly work with an Asha'man. That farm sounds like the ideal off grid community!
  7. Ooh, I hope you're right about that one. I think the Forsaken are some of the most eagerly awaited castings for me. I'm pretty interested in who will play Elaida and Morgase too. I've heard no mention of Elaine yet though.
  8. Just to clarify, I'm absolutely no relation Dain or his dad. Tarabon descent, keep getting flashbacks. Could be a Ta'veren! 😉
  9. They will in fact be Aran'gar and Asan'gar in disguise!! Gotta love the Grinwells.
  10. Thank you Ryrin and Elgee I'll most certainly pay the Tower a visit. Might even train to become a Warder.
  11. Oh blood and ashes!! lol. I'm really crap with names sometimes. And thanks for the welcome 🙂
  12. I too have some reservations about the cast, but I'm holding out on any opinion until I've seen at least a couple of episodes. However, hitting the proverbial nail on it's head with a cathedral bell is the casting of Barney Harris as Mat. He looks almost identical to how I imagined him to in the books, and if the brief snippet in the script reading is anything to go by he'll nail the performance too. I'm a little disappointed that no Forsaken have been cast yet, which leads me to believe they may not be making an appearance in the first season. But hey....who knows. Early day an
  13. Hi guys I've been a fan of the WoT series since the mid nineties. Got as far as Winters Heart then got distracted by other stuff. Starting again from Eye Of The World now, and enjoying it as if it was the first read. I almost had a coronary when I heard about the TV series, and have been following progress avidly ever since. Subscribed to NaeBlis recently, and I generally keep up with Andy Greene, Dusty Wheel and others on Youtube. I'm looking forward to becoming a part of this community that I should have joined a lot sooner. Tai
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