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  1. I doubt 99% of those who read the books know that. I'm sure that while they're merging characters and cutting story lines they could probably get away with making her go to the tower a few months later.
  2. If they do write in Cadsuane they need to go big or go home. I vote for Fiona Shaw she would be amazing. Look at her. She's not taking any of rand's shit.
  3. The whitecloaks appear prominent in the telelpay. Gawyn and Galad will be different characters I think.
  4. Yeah. That sounds good. I just wish that the politics of Lehman's pride could some how come up personally for her in an early scene.
  5. I've been thinking about some scenes that I think would be awesome in the show that were not in the actual books. Alternate first scene: If they must show the beginning scene of dragonmount, they should keep it short, and have Lewis Therin see his dead wife, see blood on his hands and then scream really loud (no forsaken taunting and that crap). Then have a special effects montage that shows the breaking from satelite view in super fast motion along with brief zoom-in teaser scenes of the trolloc wars, hawkwing surrounding tar valon, the fall of Aradohol, and then zooming into a mid battle scene on the slopes of dragonmount where Sharin is dying and giving birth and zooms in on rands crying mouth . The older man's scream can still be heard in the background until it changes into a baby's cry. The first scene of the show should be moraine as a kid and her brother/sister listening at the door to a room where her parents are discussing how Tegraine has left and it's made King Lehman unstable. As the other kids watch she holds the blue stone which glows and the voices of the adults come out of the stone. They're discussing whether they should move against Lehman or try to talk him out of cutting down the tree. An Aes Sadi inside the room can feel the power being used and opens the door to where the kids are hiding. Everyone gasps and The aes Sadai tells moraines mother, "She has the spark" I will be back for her when she is of age, or something that makes everyone else in the room uncomfortable and her siblings shrink away from her. Next cut is the white tower on the day that Rand is born. Moraine and Siuan are serving the Amerlyn Seat and Jitara Moroso gives her prediction. As she talks the scene zooms out the window over the mountain and down the other side where rand is born. This time the camera focuses on his mother's dying face and it fades back into dying face of Jitara Sadeai in the white tower. Where Swan and Moraine are stunned looking at each other. Then they should paly the opening musing music. That would be soo cool.
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