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  1. Can you elaborate a little on what you mean by "feats" ... my mind keeps going to Pathfinder and the crunchy goodness of choosing feats - but I am not sure how to apply it to WoT ... is there a WoT DnD world? Did they give the stats of Lan?
  2. Digressing ... I put Mat at the top cause of his luck, falling back on the old adage, I'd rather be lucky than good - Mat may not be the most skilled, though by the end I think it could be argued he is, you just never want to toss the dice with him
  3. A long long time ago, before the rain, before the snow ... I had wonderfully intense discussions with the readers back then on who really was the greatest swordsman in the books. Not greatest melee fighter - I think its pretty easy to say that goes to Matrim - but rather, the most skilled at with a sword. Is there answer? I maintain, 20 years after the start of that discussion, that its Galad ... but there are so many great answers that I acknowledge there may not be a true answer. Skilled swordsmanship was a big part of the reads for me - I enjoyed the details
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