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  1. Yeah I do expect it to be difficult avoiding spoilers especially because I'll definitely want people to talk about the books with here online, I expect to have many more questions to come haha! Thanks again, Luke
  2. Ahhh thank you so much guys, it was something I noticed straight away in EOTW, glad I can ignore it!! My mind is now at peace hahaha!
  3. Hello reader, I'm a new reader to the wheel of time series, so far I'm about a third into 'The dragon reborn', and loving every minute of each read, but one thing keeps bugging me!!! I purchased the books second hand and were published in the same year as release. Each book has the initials of the book title at the bottom of every 10 pages or so followed by a dash (-) and a number which increases with each entry. (See attached photo from chapter 20 of dragon reborn). I have try to figure out all possible meanings of this and search online, what could it possibly mean?!!!
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