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  1. It's been ages since I was here and for that I am so sorry. I guess life got crazier than I expected and it's been keeping me chasing my tail. I feel like I'm never home lately and when I am I have hundreds of things to do. I really need to start making time to come here because I miss you all so much. So my sincere apologies to my Ajah and my friends, who I adore more than words can say. I have missed you incredibly. I will do my best to stop by and check in when I can but things may still be a little crazy. Thanks to Nia for reminding me to stop by! Many of you have been fo
  2. *gives Del tons more huggles* I am SO proud of you! Not only are you Aes Sedai but you have learned to love my overabundance of hugs! :D You are too kind to me and I absolutely adore you beyond words! I am SO glad you learned to love our crazyness! ;)
  3. Oh, that's right, I forgot she hung me up there, too! :D And yes, PURPLE rules all!
  4. *huggles Ben* No worries about being late, I am always struggling to keep up with all these forums! And I am sorry I couldn't choose several Ajahs because I love them all but I will DEFINITELY keep visiting! I love visiting and plus, you have your own TTT member that I must see!! :D Thank you soo much!
  5. Del! Del! Del!! *hugglepounces* I am so glad to see your Raising! I am so thrilled for you, you definitely deserve this! You have been a wonderful friend and so much fun to hang out with. I have enjoyed spending time with you on the boards and on MSN, as well as at the Flamin' Dragon! You were one of the first to join TTT and you always have a smile to share. The Whites are super lucky to have you but you better still come visit! ;) *huggles some more* Love you, Del!!
  6. Lor!!! *hugglepounces* (gently!) I am glad everyone is doing well! She is SO CUTE!!! AW! Love you lots and lots and I am so glad you are enjoying time with your little angel!
  7. And you know that's JUST how the triplets like it! ;) Things are always entertaining when the triplets are involved! (And when Myst is involved, actually. She likes hanging people from things. She hung me on the wall of her office once!)
  8. Myst!! *hugglepounces* Despite the fact that you hung my triplet from the ceiling, I absolutely adore you and your Ajah and without a doubt, there will always be a good healthy dose of Red in me. I am, after all, quite the purple girl!! I could never forget my Reds!!! Thanks for stopping by, Dose, and for, uh staying to stare? Hee! *huggles Talya*
  9. It's like a rock concert... only it's a Raising thread! Hee! *twirls carefully to avoid further collisions*
  10. Peanut is officially the sweetest thing! Can she be our official mascot of the WT? :D *huggles Lor* Love you!!!!
  11. YAY VEMY!! Much congrats to you, my friend! It's been a blast hanging and going from warring novices vs. algai to a bunch of troublemaking sins and TTT! You have been a great friend, always game for a good time and keeping things fun and active at the Lair! PLUS you made my super awesome trading card which remains one of my favorite things EVER! *huggles* I am so thrilled to see you raised! YAY!! Now we really need to do something about Loran! :D
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