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  1. In Tel'aran'rhiod, the dream becomes what you believe. Mat believes he is lucky, so combined with his "luck" ability, and him making himself lucky, he would be incredibly hard to hit with anything. He might just get "lucky" and the person's heart would stop or their ball of fire would hit one of his enemies. Having the memories of old generals have taught him concentration and focus, making him more prepared for Tel'aran'rhiod. Many victories in the world of dreams have been surprise attacks, or unexpected moves. Mat's double luck would make him perfect for executing and avoiding these tactics
  2. No wish can be made, or question asked that touches the DO because the wish/boon would unravel. Moiraine says this in book three.
  3. I think based on your OP power and ta'evern significance, you can make certain wishes. Wishes be in accordance with the significance of what you can offer (one life may be of more value than another life). Nothing can touch the DO and while the eelfin/aelfin are strong, I doubt they could give you another of the CK, unless you were the DR himself. I also think that they are a form of pattern benders, because they got more joy from mat's eye since he was ta'evern. Maybe the pattern only lets you make some wishes as well?
  4. This is a very touchy topic, but I'm going to give it my best shot. #1 Ishamael/Moridin. This is obvious, Rand's main Archrival and Na'eblis. Insane power, a philosopher who creates dreamshards and is completely devoted. #2 Demandred. He is basically defined as a lesser version of Lews Therin which comparatively, makes him one of the strongest Forsaken. A master tactician, he rivals Mat and almost leads the armies of the shadow to victory. He possesses a sa’angreal stronger than callandor (not counting amplifying the power of the dark one) and complete dominance of Shara (a nation
  5. I think that it is more strange that she wasn't just KOS'ed. She is an incredibly powerful forsaken with the ultimate torture resisting skills. Just a tiny weave of balefire to take care of the Forsaken in the basement. Wasn't anyone worried a black sister might help her escape?
  6. Personally, I think the worst romance is not the siuan-byrne, not the egwene-gawyn, but the morgase-tallanvor. It kinda came out of nowhere and is weird that morgase is falling for someone half her age. Morgase was irrelevent nt in book four, so I don't get why they keep using her, even after reading all of the books. It doesn't develop the plot and is just flat out weird. While there is some logical develoment, it doesn't advance the story.
  7. Hi my name is Melodious Androl and I am a big fan of the series gracing this site with my presence. I read the whole series and love to debate topics (especially Forsaken) so send me a link to a forum if you have a topic!
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