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  1. I wasnt to sad when Egwene died, but over the books she was moving towards spending a long time as Amyrlin, then BAM, gone...kinda annoying. I was actually happy that many more didnt die, annoying when main's are killed just for the sake of it. Saddest part....quite alot of touching moments...but cant pick one just yet
  2. He believed as before, that Rand wouldnt have been able to leave the ones he loved to fight on the battlefields without him. He had shown time and time again that he wouldnt allow it and thats why Demandred believed he was there.
  3. JUST FINISHED!! Ending kinda wasnt what i wanted, but still the books ended on a fitting note. Have to say, glad that Demandred actually was considered hard to take down in this book, it seemed alot of the time the forsaken, though hard, didnt live up to what you thought they would. Though arrogance seemed to be there downfall. Would have liked to know a little more of what happened later, since there wont be anymore books. Can only hope! Egwene's death was a shame, after 13 books of her rising to such a powerful character, but glad more main characters didnt die, killing main's just for the sake of it is quite annoying. But a great series and a great ending overall! Have to reread the entire wot again now!
  4. Nope...can't buy...only us :(
  5. Pleeease keep us updated on when they will be avaliable to purchase internationally, so frustrating not being able to
  6. Noname


    Hey, im just wondering if anyone knows the best ereader to buy, that has a large range of ebooks for Australians. I find it quite hard to determine what really would be the best, even though amazon has alot of content it does not seem to flow to Aussies. I own a Kobo (old one, and would like to upgrade) but alot of the time even they have the same problems. Any have suggestions, as i really want to get the WOT as ebooks. The new covers would be nice but i know thats just being hopeful Cheers
  7. Hey be happy, in Aus most ebooks go for the paperback or hardback price . Im not one to quibble over prices when it comes to a good old book, but ebooks being 30 bucks is over the top.... and the fact that we cant get most here is frustrating, ill pay if they make them avaliable!
  8. awesome and very informative ideas on why the Aes Sedai are the way they are. agreed! ;D
  9. Voted moraine. even though Tam had alot to do with his upbringing and to some extent Nynaeve, moraine is the one that looked out for him and showed him most of what he knows now, and the one most committed to his future as the dragon. not the farmer he was brought up to be.
  10. aww true, that sucks, oh well maybe next year! :D
  11. I was wondering this myself, and cannot find anything on the subject. i sure do hope so though!
  12. I dont think Cadsuane was out of character, we need to remember that RJ did write alot of these plots, so why would Brandon leave to far from the path when these pivotal scenes were already there for him, i dont think it would make much sense. though i must admit i did enjoy when Tam put her in her place as it were. Nyn i really enjoyed in TGS, shes always come across as a know-it-all and bully towards most (all men as well) while i believe she has matured very nicely to a point where she contributes alot more then some surrounding Rand. I Look forward to seeing these three interact after finding out about Rand and definately when Moraine returns back on the scene after such a long absence!
  13. This is my first post, ive read all the pages up until now( took me quite some time haha) and sorry if this has been stated somewhere else, i just cant find it. I think it would be great to know whats going on in those Seanchan towers, i think it would be interesting if the towers in Seanchan harboured males who could channel. i cant remember if any of the Seanchan commented on what was done to them, execution? Which leads me to my next thought.Ive been wondering whether the Seanchan suffer the same problem as the Aes Sedai in regards to the strength in power dwindling for the past thousand years or so. Alivia is strong in the power but 400 or so years old if i remember correctly which could indicate anything. do they suffer this problem or because they find every damane they do have strong channelers, but still Aes Sedai did mention they believed they were culling the ability out of humanity and the way Seanchan look at female channelers im not sure whether they could see themselves using male even for something as that. Oh and i do believe that Rand sickness comes from hes darkness, though i believed for a long time it came from the balefire with moridin, i believe that around this time he became more darker and harder as he progressed, then dark rand goes BAM and everything is bad like all spoiling grain and all bad tavern happenings.
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