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  1. Egwene achievements are impressive, but still doesn't beat healing Stilling. (unheard of in the age of legends) Nor do they compare to healing taint madness, and cleansing the taint. Bella doesn't count she's the Creator. (Insurmountable advantage) I read the story up to book 6 to my kids in the 90s. At that time that was as far as they went. That's when I first asked that question. "Do you think Bella's the creator?"
  2. Chapters 39 and 44 respectively in TDR
  3. God I don't want to start the books again they are so all consuming. they push everything else out of the way. and there is so much good stuff out there to read. I think I've read the first six books more than ten times each, the rest less often but at least four to five. I started this addiction in the mid 90s.
  4. So here's a question. What's with the practice of building an army and then abandoning it at the time it needs it's leader most? Matt builds the Band of the Red Hand then abandons it for the Seanchan army. Perrin builds his army incorporates the Whitecloaks, then abandons them to go haring off in the world of dreams. Even Galad and Lan abandon their men to go fight Demandred. This left Elayne and Egwene to continue the fight on the field. Good leadership is hard to find, especially after compulsion took out the great captains.
  5. I think the first time Moraine used it was on the Darkhounds. Nynaeve used it on the Fades in the brigands camp. on their way to Tear. Chronologically I think its about the same time frame, as they all seem to get to tear at about the same time. I can't think of an earlier incident of it being used. It has been a while since I read the books.
  6. I think Nynaeve is arguably the second most important character in the series, here's why: Saved Egwene (future Amyrlin) from the Seanchan. The first in the series to use balefire. Bests Moghedien in Tanchico. retrieves male Adam, and seal. from out from under Lindrin's nose. Captures Moghedien. Instrumental in killing Rahvin. Heals Stilling. Beats block, marries Lan, uses bowl of winds, and saves Kin and Wind Finders from Seanchan. Cleanses Taint. Rand was channeling Saidin, but was passing it through Nynaeve' s Saidar filter. Heals madness caused by taint. Saves Rand in Bandar Eban Keeps Rand's head from swelling to much. Removes Compulsion. All while being an Accepted! In the ring ceremony, the Aes Sedai hesitated to give her the ring. Claiming she was not worthy. She should have listed these achievements, and told them where they could stick their ring. then she should have gone to Myreille and taken Lan from her. Lest I forget, through the use of her herbs on Alanna, SAVED THE WORLD! Making her second only to Rand, the most important character in the books. Your thoughts?
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