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  1. TIL: Robert Jordan had a "copy" of Rand's Heron-mark sword created and it is on display in a permanent exhibit at the Daniel Library of The Citadel in Charleston, SC. http://archives.library.cofc.edu/findingaids/mss0197.html ^way down near the bottom under #5 Marketing & Promotional items -> Artifacts. Looks like they also have Perrin's axe, among other cool goodies. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to find any pictures to compare with the Amazon version. Maybe someone else's Google-fu will prevail.
  2. Thanks for the insight, Thrasymachus, I appreciate it. Not really in a hurry to get rid of it, just trying to figure out if it needs to go in the safe, or if I can just put it back in a box in the garage, LOL!
  3. So no one here tracks values for RJ autographed material? No one has any idea what value RJ's signature adds to an item (beyond sentimental)?
  4. Oh yeah! I thought maybe I was mis-remembering that burned palms thing. IMO, it would make sense to put the Heron's on the hilt. It would advertise: "this is a skilled swordsman". And it would be in plain sight, instead of AFTER you draw your sword... "It's on now! ...OH! Um, hang on a sec. So sorry man, I didn't realize you were Master! How about we call off this little squabble, ok?"
  5. Hello Folks, I'm new here, but I figure this is probably where the SME's all hang out, which would make it the best place to try and get some guidance. Should I start at the beginning? I guess if Time's a Wheel, then it wouldn't matter where I begin though, so I'll just get started... I have a garage full of "stuff" (what the Wife refers to as "junk"), and it's time to part with some of it. Heck, it's all tucked away in boxes so it's not like I'm actively enjoying any of it anyhow. One of said boxes contains my WoT collection. - Complete series, books 0
  6. Hello All! Started reading the series back around when Book 3 first dropped, and finally finished the series 20-something years later, LOL! Only looped through it completely once, although I did reread from the beginning to prepare for the release of the last few books (as well as rereading a few individual books to prep for new releases over the years). Might be time to revisit them again soon, and see if I can get my daughter interested in reading them now that she's older and dabbling in the "fantasy genre" a bit more. Came here looking for some info about collectible
  7. I didn't really expect a katana. I always pictured the "heron mark" to actually be stamped into the blade. Really, anything glued onto the blade (especially near the hilt) is going to be knocked off - or severely damaged - in the first sword fight. Maybe that's what happened with the one sitting on the work bench in the picture? LOL!
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