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  1. Dragonmount, massive pillar of the WoT community, hello! I know this might be your first time meeting me but I've met you before. I started reading the series in 2005 and finished in 2019. In that period I discovered and perused Dragonmount a few times but was always wary of spoilers, so I shied away until I finished. With the news of the Amazon show generating a level of hype not seen since the publication of the last book. I decided to dip my toes into the waters of content creation. I run a humble YouTube Channel: The Bard of the Red Hand (Formerly The Gleemen) and a podcast called The Gleemen. Thanks to starting this channel I connected with various WoT fans from across the globe through the numerous Discord servers. I also currently serve as a moderator on The Wheel Reads Discord and The Dusty Wheel Discord, so pop over and chat with us sometime! I'm sure some of you I've run across there without knowing it! A few highlights since I joined the online community in July of 2020: The WoT-A-Holiday Charity Stream: I hosted a segment joined by the puppets brothers Dan and Ryan from "The Way of the Leaf!" It was fantastic experience featuring multiple content creators and segments. We raised over our goal of $5000 for Brandon Sanderson's Lightweaver Foundation. The Dusty Wheel: I was on an episode discussing the topic of the women of time! This episode focused in on Moghedien, Greandal, and Lanfear. It was blast and The Innkeeper definitely took us on a wild ride at the end. The other guests on this episode were Shannan the Amyrlin of TarValon.net and Delusions of Greandal of Feather & Mountain Podcast. I cannot stress how amazing each of them were. The Wheel of Time Facebook page also featured a video I made about the history of The Wheel of Time PC Game. This was such a watershed moment for me and am still humbled that this happened. I'll link to that video below. If you are inclined feel free to check out my channel, socials, etc.. https://linktr.ee/RedHandBard Here's a sample of what to expect on my channel: My guest spot on The Dusty Wheel:
  2. Fantastic breakdown of the arcs these characters embody! Drawing the parallel between Rand and Egwene back to Latra Posae and Lew Therin has definitely given me something to think on. I only recently read The Strike at Shayol Ghul and was so engrossed in it that I missed the connection RJ set up here to be explored and changed in A Memory of Light. We'll never know if that was more Sanderson or Jordan, but this comparison does lead to believe that it skews more toward Jordan's idea.
  3. What a fantastic article/theory! My first time through the books, I didn't think much about the gender essentialism but I've noticed it much more in this book. Somehow I always thought Nynaeve had busted through, because that was who she was to me as a character. She was someone who is not moved, but tells others to move. That was my headcanon and on this current re-read I realize how much I was glossing over elements I didn't want to see!
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