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  1. I just did a re-read and I'm a newb here. Started reading WOT due to a friend's suggestion back in the early 00s.
  2. Is she set in stone on that? If there were TV spin offs after the maine series, you wouldn't need to keep the same actors. They could do like The Crown and age up the characters. I honestly can't see Mat being happy post aMoT.
  3. Possible SPOILER Rand and his harem never made sense to me. The only relationship that made sense was with Min. He barely knew Elayne, and with him 'gone' will these three women never have another relationship? Will they be single the rest of their lives? Hated that Mat wound up with such a horrible person. Perrin-Faile and Nyn-Lan seemed the most believable. They actually spent time together. RJ wasn't very good at writing romances.
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