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  1. Hi, again. A small question on Towers of Midnight. I'm on chapter 34 of Towers of Midnight, on a Faile POV. She is talking to Perrin. Then, out of nowhere, no pause, no sign on the structure of the text whatsoever, the POV switches to Perrin. It threw me off at the moment. A few paragraphs later, we look through Faile's eyes again. Like before, no sign, no pause. Am I reading this wrong?
  2. I like to play video games, have walks with my dog, run. I like bike as well, but I don't have one at the moment. I like swimming. I like water in general. I'm married, have a dog and a cat, no kids at the moment.
  3. Born and raised in Northern Goiás, living in São Paulo. And come again? Social clubs? School me on this.
  4. I'm going through A Knife of Dreams, and recently passed a Faile chapter, where she witness a conversation between Therava and Sevanna. Therava said something that confused me. "Couladin is the Car'a'carn. Rand al'Thor is a creation of Aes Sedai." and it sounded she believes that. I mean, she is a true Wise One. She knows all the prophecies, born from the blood, raised elsewhere and all of that. Was she lying her ass to Sevanna, or did she actually believe that? Because it makes no sense to me.
  5. Greetings and salutations! My name is Bruno, but call me by Ranadin. I discovered Wheel of Time by the eponymous Blind Guardian song, and then they started translating and publishing the books in Brazil. Have been reading the translated publications until book 6, for they haven't published (or even TEASED) A Crown of Swords for the last two years. I'm starting to fear they dropped the series altogether, without even a cancelation announcement. So, I got the English ebooks. At this moment, going through A Knife of Dreams, and enjoying it. So far, my least favorite book
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