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  1. There is a huge difference between wrist and neck collars.The damane have to be shown as the slaves they are.When the collar is on the wrist this will not have the same impact.So keep to the original story material.If changes are made they must be about something which isn't as important as the damane.Keep the damane aspect as is.
  2. I agree with Harldin. Harriet already said she won't allow more books to be written.This includes a TV spinoffs.She wants to keep the legacy of Jordan.She doesn't want to expand the universe.For the last 3 books Sanderson became the face but that was that.We won't see more of that.Just look at LOTR.Do you see anything new written?Ofcourse not.Everything new published has already been existing in some form.The same can't be said for WoT.There isn't any new material to be used and Harriet will not allow new authors to write anything else.
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