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  1. TARTE TATIN Ingredients - 300 g all-butter puff pastry - plain flour, for dusting - 6 dessert apples (about 900g/2lb), such as Braeburn, Cox’s Orange Pippin or Adam’s Pearmain - 100 g golden caster sugar - 85 g unsalted butter (60g/21/4oz chilled and diced, 25g/1oz melted) - crème fraîche (full-fat please!) or high-quality vanilla ice cream, to serve STEP 1 Roll the pastry to a 3mm-thick round on a lightly floured surface and cut a 24cm circle, using a plate as a guide. Lightly prick all over with a fork, place on a bakin
  2. Well, let's sart with some result... Here is the draft of my class, showing what my explorations have been, in these month. [Ajah/Guild] --[Who is in charge] --[general focus if there is one] --[link to a relevant post you wrote in that sub-board #1] --[link to a relevant post you wrote in that sub-board #2] 1 Blue Ajah, whom you are in charge to J Most frequented by fans of movies, comics, tv shows, video games and books, both is SF and fantasy. Nonetheless, Blue Ajah pages deal with important issues in sociaty, too, supporting
  3. Here is the translation into English of the song I've posted in this topic. Aldudénië – The Lay of the Two Trees (Roberto Fontana) No more will there be the light of the Trees, On Aman the Blessed the darkness lays. Smitten was Laurelin by Enemy’s spear, The spider’s venom made Telperion rot. Cry the Valar, keep mourning the Eldar: Death knells are heard throughout in Valmar. Oh silver light that was poured into stars By her who created the lamps in the skies! No more will I see you, oh golden splendour, That
  4. I've a lot of calligraphy pens, about 70. There are nib pens, dip pens, quills, felters, bamboo (some of them made by me), of every size, form 0.5 to 20 mm. I use every type of ink, too. Calligraphy inks (mostly Winsor & Newton), gouaches, dip pen cartridges and also some colours made by me starting from row materials. me writing with a bamboo Some nibs
  5. Besides being an appassionate reader (I usually read from 5 to 10 books each month), I,m a writer, too. I've already written and published 5 books (fantasy novels and essays) and two books more of mine are going to be published in the next year. Is there any other writer here?
  6. Lorenzo, my son's name Written with a bamboo. Gouache colours
  7. Not so much. They descend form the same archaic language, but then have severed and evoluted for thousands of years separately. For example, in Quenya, one name of Varda is Tintalle, while in Sindarin is Gilthoniel, both meaning "the Kindler". Green-elves is Laiquendi in Q., and Laegil in S.
  8. Yeah, I'm now collecting infos and trying to interact with some clubs. Be patient, I will answer you soon
  9. Why not, @Liitha and @Lavandula? I've already taught some classes for calligraphy, too. Better in presence, but it can be done all the same
  10. Hallo Greens My mentor has asked me to find the focus of various Ajahs and Guilds, but with my limited abilities I've not found any post speaking in general about the fields of interest of your Green Ajah (in DM forum, I mean). So, can some of you spend some words about the aims of your Ajah? Only Gree, please, I've already found my answer for other clubs.
  11. Same situation here in Italy, expecially in my region (Lombardy). Everything closed, excpet for food and pharmacies. Restaurants and bars can only giveaway. Only little children go to school, from the 7th class they study by internet.
  12. I've found infos about Blue and Brown, but nothing about the focus of Green and yellow. Is it so?
  13. Hi to everyone, just arrived in DM. My native language is Italian, but I can speak English (ad a matter of fact, I've taught Maths&Physics in English to classes when I was a teacher), and a little French adn Spanish (this last one very poorly). But the languages most fascinates me are fantasy langueges, most of all Tolkien invented idioms, i.e., Quenya and Sindarin, the two major Elvish tongues. I can traslate from English and Italian to Quenya, provided a good dictionnary, and I'm fluent in writing Tengwar, the Evish calligraphy. I've traslated poetries and songs, some of t
  14. Yeah, if you mean the ball fruit yellow inside, it is melon (in Italian melone). Watermelon is bigger and red inside (in Italian cocomero or anguria). Have to try meloncello, never done. As to Perrin, I like his gentleness and slowness to anger. He speaks not much, but always what he thinks. He is cautious, but he can become implacable when roused. I don’t know any chanelling power of his, but his ability to communicate with wolves fascinates me.
  15. I guessed it, but I cannot find the focus of each Ajah in the DM pages (sobbing). Can you give me a hint how to find their focuses? Yet, I've succeeded in reading the descriptions of the Discs. Maybe I'm a little bit dull
  16. I'm starting my homework. Just a question, when you say "general focus of the Ajah/Guild" do you refer to the focus they ave in the books or in the group?
  17. I could participate, but I'm really ignorant of what we've to do... Can someone explain me? Then I'm in Italy, so I don't know if time zones fit well
  18. Whow, beg pardon for my Italian influence... Tangerines, of course (that is mandarini in Italian). I use only the orange part of the peal (you must carefully take away the inner white soft part), cut them in small pieces (á la julienne) put them into alcohol for two weeks, mix with sugar and water (50% water, 50% alcohol) and the filter it. Good drinking! As to my favourite character, at the moment Perrin is my best. I think his nature is quite like mine.
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