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  1. Good morning, as said in the other thread, I'm totally sorry. Didn't have time last weekend and we have a bit of Corona-Trouble at work...so my mind is elsewhere right now. Sorry, hopefully I can look into it the next days. 😔
  2. Hello everyone, I'm sorry for not posting. The weekend and the week so far was quite busy and so I totally forgot to look here. I still need to figure some things out and hopefully find a bit of time the next days to read into it. But don't wonder I'm trying to avoid the main-forum a bit, because I''ve only started to read the series, currently at book 5, and don't want to get spoiled for everything 😉 So for the candy-question: I am not that much in to candy anymore but when, chocolate. And if that counts I can't help myself with cakes and cookies, totally love them ❤️
  3. Thanks for the cookies 😉 We have definetly more than one interest in common, I also like cooking/baking, hiking and of course reading, I also do work out....liking? Well I do it frequently, so propably yes. Furthermore I like gaming and I am a Cosplayer, so sewing and crafting comes with it. I am a reliable and trustworthy person, as you I like humor and I speak fluently sarcastic. I like to hang out with friends but I also like being alone from time to time. I am addicted to nature and hiking/camping, as said and really hate cities. If you have further questions feel free to
  4. So I tried it too and got a tie...maybe thats quite suitable: Seeker of wisdom and the truth. On the other hand it is a contradiction because... "White sisters ignore the social causes that define the Blue, Gray, Green and Red Ajahs, and have no room for the worldly knowledge that the Browns and to some extent the Yellows seek. It is said that they have no room in their hearts for passions at all, yet they are deeply passionate in their search for the truth. Many Whites appear almost ascetic in their behaviour." [WIKI] White Ajah: 5 Brown Ajah: 5 Blue Ajah: 4 Gree
  5. Hello, I've read and understand the rules and agree to abide by them. Also I've filled out the form!
  6. Hello, sorry for the wait. I think handle makes ist easier for now 🙂 I like Rand very much and Elayne, but the others are also getting interesting now.
  7. Hello! My name is Larissa, I am from Germany and a WoT newbie. I'm reading the series for the first time right now (in english if you wonder) and I'm currently in the middle of "The Shadow Rising". Till now, I am really enjoying the adventure. And because I have the need to talk to someone about the books (noone I know wants to read 14/15 books) I found my way here. 😉
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