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  1. So frightening and painful news for the family. I wish you have enough strength to get through this, be blessed with more time than you think you'll have and may you stay reasonable pain free. Blessings.
  2. Thank you for the info, Liitha! For know I think I will be lurking due to work and being a single mom, but who knows what will happen when the TV series hits. I might not be able to contain myself😇 For those in the US, good luck with voting. Europe's thinking of you!
  3. @Elgee, wow that is sleuthing;-) Nope, I think those are the newer ones. It really was much longer ago. @littha, it could very well be! At the time there were people who were not happy with the Amyrlin and so a small split happened with people starting a rival tower/new website. Think that went flat, but I do remember the vibes. Happy to read everything only grew, if even a little, and you now have RP sections as well;-)
  4. Thanks all! I am not sure what my handle used to be tbh:s Could have been Luthien. It was before the split, I know that for sure. We did some RPG, but it was social as well. Everything mixed, different Amyrlin. I have the feeling that Dragonmount is much bigger now than it was as well. Very excited to be back and that WoT is finally getting the TV love it deserves!! Wish I could meet you all at JordanCon though. I have seen so many YouTube channels with so many lovely ppl I'd love to have a cuppa tea with💖
  5. Hello Elgee! I used to be part of the White Tower as a member of the White Ajah. I'm a Mom now though, so I'll probably be more of a lurker (for now;-) I was born and raised in The Netherlands, but my heart is European.💖
  6. Hello all, been away for 20 years or so, but dove back into the WoT last year, so it is time to connect again! Hope everybody is well and see you around;-)
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