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  1. Love this take, I realize that I have always felt the same way. She is a little power house who was crafted by her circumstance. But it was her sheer determination and willpower that carried her through and made her such an important character in determining the fate of the world.
  2. Great post, it really got me thinking. I will have to think about prologues, but I know my favorite epilogue. The Lord of the Rings epilogue is my fave and it is not even close (I am speaking of the ending that was included, not the unpublished epilogue which I still love). You are spot on in your analysis, the assurance that the story goes on and the world is better because of our heroes efforts is so comforting. I mean who doesn't get a burst of joy upon hearing Harry, Hermoine, Ron, and Ginny all build families and continue their close bond? One of the strengths of Lord of the Rings (and WOT for that matter) is the development of dynamic characters who are carefully placed in the vibrant settings which spark the imagination. The primary reason that the epilogue found in the Return of the King has such a strong effect on me is that it brings closure to the characters I have come to know and love. Aragorn becomes a great king, reuniting the broken pieces of the world with the love of his life by his side. Gimli and Legolas continue their friendship and adventures, later taking time to mend the scars from the great war of the 3rd age before sailing off into the west together. But the part that spoke to me most was concerning hobbits and the fate of the shire. Rustic simplicity and a return to the “shire life” are the highlights of this section. Tolkien has lamented that he did not have the ability to further expand upon the story, even mentioning days after the book was released that "I still feel the picture incomplete without something on Samwise and Elanor, but I could not devise anything that would not have destroyed the ending, more than the hints (possibly sufficient) in the appendices". Personally, I feel a deep connection with the character of Samwise Gamgee, and I love having closure with his story. As a passionate gardener and nature lover, my imagination runs wild when Tolkien describes the revitalization of the shire and the mallorn tree. Life in the shire seems to return to a modicum of normalcy, but the world is a much wider place for its inhabitants… It is hard to explain, but it’s just good to have closure, especially when you invest large amounts of time in the lives and worlds of your favorite stories and sagas.
  3. lol your profile gif is epic. I may have to use it!

  4. Hey y'all I am Greg (aka Panda), I became a member of Dragonmount about 9 years ago when I first stumbled upon this amazing series in High school. I made my way about 3/4 through the series and then life got crazy. I am in my final year of my masters now and because of covid, my school, much of my work, my career/personal interest projects, and my non-profit business are all operating virtually... aacck! it's the screens, the screens! I have recently rediscovered the power of curling up with a good book during the gaps in my day. It was only today that I realized all of my reading has been centered around my career interests (developmental disability, ID, neurodiversity, and ASD... #actuallyautie). So, I have decided to indulge and immerse myself in another world that is arguably more exciting. So, i decided to restart the series! I have kept up with the development of the TV show (from afar) and I am not sure what I feel about it. Its a mixture of excitement, anticipation, and slight anxiety. Overall, I am pretty stoked for its potential, and I feel the show has been put in the hands of people who actually "get it". I am excited to see where the show aligns with the books and where it diverges from them. I am also looking forward to the expansion of the WOT community through the show, but I am hesitant of the Game of Thrones effect. I really tried to get into game of Thrones (i gave it a season and half) but I could not because I had not read the books and I felt it was overly HBO'ed (tons of flash, sex, and violence). Also, I am not super looking forward to 'fans' who have no interest in also reading/listening to the books. Glad to be here!
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