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  1. I dress up as an old man. Come to think of it I dress up like an old man every day.
  2. I just hate it when I get an 'any' key that sticks from time to time. I sometime remove it from my keyboard altogether.
  3. Post under construction 1)What are members of the WT/Warders expected to do? 2)What is the Code of Conduct, and how does it apply to you? 3)What in the heck does PG13 mean? Oh fish guts! I'm going to have figure this one out. Okay, sometime when I was a teenager you couldn't say blood ashes in a movie without getting in trouble so they came with this MPAA group that put out movie ratings. So burn me, after that if you called someone a wooly headed fool in a movie you had to be 13 years old or with a parent. A parent! I can't even get away by using an asterisk
  4. Hello @Cairos Sedai, I am a recent retiree from the Chicago Area in IL. I was a computer programmer by profession. Now that I don't have to make a living at, my major interest is music. I play guitar and begun getting into home recording. I'm also an avid reader of classics but also enjoy popular fiction. I do like travel but there will be little of that in the near future. Lastly I have been growing a beard since I retired and debating whether to keep it.
  5. Oh burn me! Oops sorry, I know I need to watch my language. Is this the correct thread to sign up for class?
  6. What makes you post? I am currently reading the WOT series for the first time. So while I am making my way through I want to share my experiences as a reader. I would love to hear about others experiences, especially others who are on a first read through. What prevents you from going into areas that aren't strictly "yours", like maybe other Ajahs' boards? Since I am going through my read I am leery of wondering into areas that might have me accidently in to spoilers. I may be perfectly safe going into areas unknown to me, but I take it slow ☺ Would you like to par
  7. Hello everyone, I have read and think I understand the rules. I have also filled out and submitted the form.
  8. I just joined the AS & warders club. Now I just got to figure out what it's all about😆. I'll check out some others too.
  9. Okay, I am a knucklehead. I kept looking in the forums I didn't realize the clubs are a different section. Time to explore. Btw, I retired last month so I have plenty of time to read😀
  10. I'll make sure to give those a look.
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