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  1. As a follow up: I'm on Chapter 5 of book two (The Great Hunt). Possible Spoiler ahead. In it there's a company of 2000 whitecloaks marching through Tarabon. When Bornhald asks a Questioner why this is, he replies "There are towns and villages across Almoth Plain with none in authority above a mayor or a Town Council. It is past time they were brought to the Light." Since they don't have real authority, this sounds to me like a band of militia going around passing judgement and carrying out severe punishment on whomever they want. Here's what I don't get. There's no one to stop them because they are doing this in remote villages. But if the queen finds out that this group is doing such things, then wouldn't they be branded terrorists, bandits, enemies of the state? Furthermore, their presence wouldn't be tolerated in the queen's city, right? I guess my mind is frustrated trying to rationalize how this band (with high numbers) of well armed (and therefore well funded) bullies seems to have free reign everywhere, even in the city, when they brazenly usurp authority and execute their own justice. Am I looking to deep into it? Should I just accept it that we need bad guys here to move the plot along and just let it go?
  2. Thank you. This helps make more sense of these players.
  3. Hi, I'm a new first time reader of WOT. Finished book one and am 5 chapters into book two. I'm trying to keep track of all the players and who is on whom's side. One thing that I don't understand is where the white cloaks get their authority from. Are they sanctioned by a king/queen? Are they self appointed police of the world and simply bullies that go around en masse (might makes right)? Are they law? And the Aes Sedai, where do they get their authority? It seems like some people think them good and others evil. It seems like the queen respected their them? Do they have any official authority in the kingdom/world? Or are they they a religion that some like and some don't? Bonus noob question. Why don't the white cloaks and Aes Sedai like each other? Thank you in advance. 😄
  4. Hi, I'm just started reading WOT. Since none of my friends have read it, and I don't want to google anything to spoil anything, I signed up here to ask and discuss the book at the point of where I am. Have a great day. --Joey
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