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  1. Currently re-reading Eye of the World for the first time. First read it in the 90's, liking it even better second time around.
  2. In my opinion, your in for a treat.
  3. I am taking the plunge to re-read the whole series. This is big for me. As I am a slow reader and have a hard time finding time to commit. I expect this will take me years to complete but I can't think of a better time then to start now. Well I actually started 2 weeks ago now? I finished chapter 8. I cannot say how much I am enjoying this second reading!!!! I think I first read The Eye of the World like 20 - 25 years ago? Since then the whole series has been involved in my life, from beer choices (local company 2 Rivers Beer) to WoT influenced D&D campaigns. Anyway, just wanted to share how excited I am about re-reading this beloved series. I knew I'd enjoy it, I just didn't know how much I'd enjoy it.
  4. Well, I'm done the first 2 chapters. My problem is carving out reading time.
  5. Hi! Good to hear about Sanderson comments. I am eagerly awaiting the show, hopefully soon? I only read the books once. Like, I started reading them about the year 2000? Finished in 2012? I am a slow reader but not that slow, I read many other books in that time frame. But I do forget A LOT! I'm going to start my first re-read of the series, I hope I can finish book 1 by the shows premire. Anyway just popping to say hi, and I am cautiously optimistic for the show. I hope we get 14 seasons!
  6. Hi there, I am new to Dragonmount, stubled accross this site yesterday. I am eagerly awaiting the TV series. I started reading the WoT in late 90's? I am a slow reader, and I read this series while reading other series bouncing back and forth. Although I am a slow reader I have read a lot of series and I hold this series in the highest of regards. But I have only read it once. So once and it's been over 20 years since I read the first book. I guess once I finish my current book, I plan to go back for a re-read. I hope to get book 1 read before the series starts, and it'll take me the whole series to re-read the whole series, if that makes sense. I am a board gamer too so my reading time is limited. A quick skim of this forum has shown me how much I have forgotten! Favorite things of the series? There are so many but I really like Perrin Aybarra and his story line, and the aiel. Wow did I forget how to spell Aiel? Anyway, hi to all the fans of WoT!
  7. I would be down for 14 seasons! 🙂
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