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  1. I'm currently reading Reaper's Gale. Before that I had read the first six books in the Malazan series, and when I finish I will read Toll the Hounds.
  2. Miraj

    What to read?

    I would have to agree with Rufae, and say that the Raymond E. Feist books are really good. Not as in depth as WoT, but definately a good read.
  3. Hopefully: Mat will beat the snakes and foxes in the Tower of Ghenjei, and the exit to the tower will be in Shara. Having survived the tower, Mat is revered as a god by the Sharans and he leads them across the Waste to join the war effort. While crossing the Waste, they run into a horde of trollocs on the way to massacring the Aiel left in the Waste. Matt then leads the rest of the Aiel out of the Waste and finally comes to join forces with Rand. Rand hands over control of the armies of Randland to Mat, and Tuon gives him control of the Seanchan forces... From this position, it is obvious that the Forces of Light will win, as they are commanded by Mat :D
  4. I picked Mat. The only other character that goes close to being as cool as Mat: Mazrim Taim. But he is evil, so Mat it is :D
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