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  1. <<Spoilers>> I'm on my third full-series read-through and currently in Chapter 29: The Festival of Birds. I am 45 years old, read this book for the first time when I was in my 20's, and read it a couple of times in my 30's. The one thing I've concluded is this book feels a bit more rapey than I remember. Yeah, I think we can all agree Mat was straight-up raped by Tylin, but what never caught my attention is I think Shaidar Haran raped Moghedien. It doesn't come right out and say that, but I think RJ was trying to convey that SH, like lesser Myyrdraal, do their worst to their v
  2. As for the ending, a competent writer does know how their story is going to begin/end roughly. While there can be some pivots, you tend to stick to the structure. When you know how things will end, you get wonderful things like WoT, Mistborn, and Breaking Bad (major pivots were made, but the overall arch remained.) When you don't know how you will end it, you get Lost, The Dark Tower, The new trilogy... ...Hell... ...anything JJ Abrams touches, The Dragging Dead, X-Files, and the poster child of bad endings-- Game of Thrones. Which is very interesting to me. Has GRRM committed that card
  3. I was a member of this forum a billion years ago, long forgot my log-in, and quite frankly, I have kept the WoT on the shelf since I finished two read-throughs for AMoL at release. With the TV show becoming closer to a thing, I got curious and dipped back in. I'm in the first third of the The Dragon Reborn, and decided to check out the old forums, and this thread interested me. I think a lot of the contributions sound interesting (save the one suggestion that Moraine come back early. Love the character, but no way. Deeply screws with Rand's arc, and it was such a triumphant event when she
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