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  1. 😍I'm so excited yesterday these amazing announcements and today got my copy of the WoT companion, feels good man 😎 Now that we know Peter Franzen is playing Stepin the question I have regarding casting is this, who is playing Elyas?
  2. Adeleas or Vandene yes I hadn't even thought of them but yes I like this idea. For some reason when I picture imagine a live action Cadsuane I picture Meryl Streep.
  3. Yes to this, I enjoy this audience and character ignorance to knowledge and understanding arc in regards to the powers of the Shadow and the Shadow wrought. The Forsaken literally start out as bedtime monster stories to get children who are misbehaving to mind their manners during the introduction of TEOTW. Of course we come to learn and understand that while what they have can and will do is abhorrent and unforgivable they are not the monsters many seem to think they are even when they think it of themselves.
  4. I don't think cutting Birgitte would be a good idea. I get where you are coming from with Moghedien coming off as inept throughout many of her sequences in the story particularly after the defeat you referenced, however I can't see that as a good enough reason to cut Birgitte if that's what you meant?
  5. Fair enough but it says something that the discussion brought up if you are concerned about mature content and want to watch the show w/out being exposed to mature content, which leaves me with the impression that if you want/need to avoid mature content than you're probably watching a show with mature content. This all in response to concern about being able to watch the show if it is TV-MA and not TV-14. I doubt the show will be TV-14 there's enough graphic violence to push it to TV-MA within 10 chapters of The Eye of the World excluding the prologue. Yes the people in charge could choose to not portray these scenes as they read in the books however I think this mild censorship would be slightly offensive in particular to the authored works and their creators and a mistake to boot.
  6. I doubt it'll run for 14 seasons. I think if it's 8 episodes per season at 60 minutes duration or less per episode and presuming the show makes it through to the end of the story then I think we''ll get 7-9 seasons to portray the content of 15 books worth of story. I think New Spring prequel content will make it since it adds so much to the overall story.
  7. I like that idea, I also think Kathy Bates would be a great Verin.
  8. Whether you see it or not the question was asked and answered at timestamp 1:22:20 as I pointed out in this livestream from July 22, 2020 less than 2 weeks ago, to be clear Sarah Nakamura works on the Wheel of Time on Prime and she was one of the people who answered the question about the show rating. I trust her when she says there will be versions available for those who are concerned with on screen depictions of nudity sex and violence and honestly it makes sense to reach as wide an audience base as possible.
  9. Based on what was said during the answer to the question from the last call-in at time stamp 1:22:20 asking about the ratings for the show I think they'll have both TV-MA and TV-14 available. The TV-MA version being the truest to the books which honestly are not for young children or as we euphemistically put it "family friendly" as well as a TV-14 version available to get a wider audience base.
  10. I can clearly imagine both in their roles, the photo of Graham coming off on the surface as a strict grandfatherly figure. I look forward to seeing the way Salis portrays the truly dishonorable and shameful character of Eamon Valda.
  11. Well I've heard an idea on The Dusty Wheel that I rather enjoy entertaining being that the character Steve is a code name for Jain Farstriders.
  12. Could be code name for the Green Man, could be a legit new character I wish I knew. I feel like I'm fumbling with one of those blacksmith puzzles and can't figure it out.
  13. According to the article in the link filming will resume in July and August. https://comicyears.com/tv-shows/wheel-of-time-production-resumes/
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