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  1. I think we take away something from Egwene if we simply say she was Ta'Veren. From the very beginning when she first saw the blue spark in Moraine's jewel she has showed us her power. She had an intelligence, a tenacity, a courage , a wisdom, and even a charm about her that rivaled Kings and Queens, that went well beyond her years. She earned a lot of that through MUCH pain and anguish and discipline ... Some of it was chosen, some thrust upon her and some beaten into her. Besides Rand, she had one of the most anguished psychological components of being kidnapped and made a slave, then used as a puppet, had an attempted manipulation of her mind by a Forsaken for a short time, then later she was a debased prisoner fallen from a great height only to rise up through willpower, intelligence, and courage. She was no Mary Sue... She earned every bit of her story. I never saw her as Ta'Varen (even though it would be cool in its own way) . I always saw her as shear WILL personified on paper as a character. I never really saw her get something for nothing in anything I remember reading. She just played people's fears, and passions, and shortcomings against them and got what she wanted.. She was simply awesome. Loved your take on her.. I am on my Third read through of the entire series and I am reading Path of Daggers right now....and it still has always been thrilling to see how the characters grow from country wide eyed bumpkins into seasoned Powerful earth shaking men and women.
  2. I simply believe Rand will begin to train himself with his new powers and master them same as he mastered the sword and channeling. Let's not forget Rand has the power of what Moridin had! And Rand is Master level swordsman. He may be still one of the strongest people on the planet in regards to strength and its a unique strength plus he has the element of surprise as he no longer looks like Rand, the Dragon Reborn. He can walk almost anywhere unnoticed except to the ones who are bonded to him. I am also suspecting Perrin would know who he was as well. I also believe he would stay very close to Elayne and her children (his children) to protect them prior to getting trained up themselves. Aviendha would flourish as a New Wisdom, fully accepting her place with the Aiel. Duty is everything to her and should would not abandon that for a "man" ...lol... she would take him to bed when she felt the need however. Quick gateway to where he was for a booty call would be her nature.... Min, I think would be hanging with Rand and perhaps Mat.... as Tuon may, or may not be dead... and either way Mat's story has just started in many ways... as I think he will affect the Seanchan greatly, becoming of the blood and given Royalty status, may affect change from within with the Seanchan.
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