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  1. Nice writeup! I'd say Galina probably loses badass points for choosing to kill Faile and company with the old "use the Power to leave them in a difficult-to-escape basement" approach instead of more traditional methods. In general, there seems to be a lot of prostrating oneself and getting tortured for failure, and dubious rewards for a career in the Black Ajah. Sword of Truth, which is usually just an inferior version of Wheel of Time, at least solves this problem by giving the Black Ajah better orgies and magic powers than their counterparts.
  2. @sabio For me it just seems like a really minor inconvenience considering she was helpless for a long time against a Forsaken. I just finished the series and am reflecting on the plot threads that Jordan/Sanderson didn't seem to have a plan for. I've seen some pointed out elsewhere, but this one jumped out to me, as it seemed like a potentially cool hurdle. Also, with all the hate that Egwene apparently gets, having her work for the Dark One might have been cathartic for those readers 🙂
  3. Is it me or is this a large plot thread - referenced in 5+ books - that doesn't go anywhere? It seems quite bizarre, especially considering how easy it is for even the most powerful channelers to be the victim of Compulsion (Elayne and Nynaeve, Forsaken talking about doing it to each other). But aside from giving her headaches it didn't seem to effect Egwene at all, and she simply was removed from the situation and later found out about Halima's identity. (For those that don't remember: Halima/Aran'gar is performing witchcraft on Amerlyn Seat Egwene nightly, under the guise of curing her headaches).
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