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  1. I was thinking killing Fain would be more important than maintaining his disguise considering what Rand knows about him. Rand ends up getting stabbed, or cut, anyways.
  2. Hello Everyone, Just finished #7 this morning and overall, I'm quite pleased with this installment. It was engaging throughout, reading through it in about 6 days. It didn't have the same jaw-dropping moments that were in Lord of Chaos, but it did feel like the "fluff" present in LoC was not in ACoS (looking at you circus chapters). Elayne and Nyn continue to annoy, but at least Elayne took control of the Ebou Dar "Circle" and the Aes Sedai in the palace. Mat had a scary moment with a new enemy, the gholam. Seems like these creatures are going to claim some important lives bef
  3. Saldaeans sound like Italians to me lol. I should know, I'm married to one. Perrin and I share many characteristics also so I see a lot of their marriage in my own, just to a much lesser degree. Thanks for the feedback
  4. @Thrasymachus - good point on Faile regarding her age being a factor. I suppose I'm comparing her behavior to her peers who seem to be more mature regarding jealousy. Faile's jealously just seems way over the top, Perrin has not given her any reason to believe he's unfaithful. Thanks for your response!
  5. WHAT AN INCREDIBLE FINALE, LOVED IT. My guy Perrin taking command of the mission to rescue Rand, the Asha'man & Perrin's Wolfbrothers coming to assist out of nowhere & the captured Tower Aes Sedai are going to get what's coming to them (except Galina got away, darn). Rand demanding the Saladar Aes Sedai to kneel (at least the 9 at the battle) & swear fealty to him gave me chills. I read the last 350 pages over the last 2 days even staying up late last night finishing it - worth it! Happy this was not another Forsaken confrontation ending like it was geari
  6. @Cass - Favorite scene so far has to be Moiraine's death due to my emotional response. I was so shocked and saddened I had to put the book down for the day, it's the only time that has happened (so far lol). Favorite character (as of now) is Perrin, I relate to him the most. He's genuine, has a kind nature and has a simplified way of looking at and solving problems, but he will bury an axe in your face if you threaten him or the people he cares about. I'll be sure to check out the clubs, thanks for your response Cass! @Liitha I absolutely love the books so far. I try to predi
  7. I'm a brand new reader of The Wheel of Time, currently making my way through Lord of Chaos. I'm reading each book in about 2-3 weeks depending on how much time I have. I don't have anyone to talk to about the books and I heard the WoT community is great and enjoys discussing it with first timers, so I thought I'd give this a try! Please let me know if you have any questions or comments, looking forward to what lies ahead, thank you!
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