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  1. So I just started book 13. The forsaken and even the dark one seem to focus on such stupidly minimal stuff that I'm just like...wut? Why the hell would the dark one need people to engage petty convoluted things like all the squabbling? If his aim is to destroy the world, then just go around balefiring stuff up. Forsaken should have no qualms about using compulsion, so why don't they all do it? Also, it seems Shaidar Haran can appear anywhere and do anything. Why rely on the (apparently unreliable) forsaken to do stuff he can just do himself? There's really no reason anyone they want dead should still be alive.
  2. But why should this treatment apply to the Forsaken? Even in his mentally unstable state, he can surely separate them from regular people. I just started reading book 12, so I don't know everything that happens yet....but how would he treat Aran'gar, for example, when he finds out she used to be a guy? Would he feel easier killing her? It's just dumb that he doesn't even want to hurt Semirhage who had likely caused more pain and suffering than a thousand trollocs and their myrddraal. So if a woman is about to kill 20 men on the spot, would he just let her because she's a woman and they are men? Ugh...it bugs me.
  3. But must we hear about the damn swirling colors 5 times in one chapter? WE GET IT! They see colors when they hear or think of each other, but dang son, you don't have to shove it down our throats EVERY SINGLE TIME. The repetition in these books is killing me.
  4. Add in something about leatherleaf trees, bull-hide bucklers, good stout Two Rivers woolens, scroll-work (or any other kind of) embroidery, liveried servants, conical hats Something that started to get on my nerves was how Faile's followers were always referred to as fools. I understand that people thought it was misguided to try to follow the Aiel ways, but after mentioning it twice or ten times, couldn't we just move on? But every time they showed up, they were "those fools"...even when they were being helpful.
  5. More handsome than beautiful... Would have been beautiful if not for... Must have once been beautiful but now... Leveled a look/gaze at Looked at him/her levelly Anger/embarrassment/irritation (or some other emotion) flashed, but he/she suppressed said emotion in an instant She/he wanted to howl Perrin (during the interminable gai'shain period): Nothing matters but Faile. Nothing
  6. This is not just Aes Sedai. Almost every single female in this series is annoying. I kinda liked Birgitte a little, but in the last couple of books, she's lost the parts of her that make her likable. I get that she's under stress, but they could have retained some of her personality. Now she's pretty much always angry and snappy. Elayne....oh Elayne. I won't get into her. If I was reading instead of listening to the audiobook, I would probably skim over a lot of her parts. I like Aviendha better now I guess, when she's away from Rand. I could not make up my mind about Moiraine, but I just finished New Spring and that made me understand her and Siuan a little more. But still, it just rubs me the wrong way how they are written. And what adds to my annoyance is the repeated phrases and descriptions. I'm sure the author did it because books were released years apart. But reading the books one after the other really brings those things to light. OH LIGHT.
  7. I am reading the series for the first time, and I'm on book 10. How do they manage to make a whole group of people so insufferable? Seriously, I don't think there are more than 3 Aes Sedai (including our "heroes") that are likable. In fact, majority of the women are written as sulky, scowly, cold, petty, ungrateful, know-it-all, easily-fooled/manipulated, annoying, judgmental, back-stabbing or/and can't-think-straight-because-of-a-man. Even the ones that are supposed to be friends are so petty to each other too much of the time. It gets tiring to read about them tbh. Then there are the ones who imply that they want a man to take charge/yell at/overpower them...then turn right around and treat men like they are fools. It's like the author picked out all the worst attributes in the worst people and injected his characters with them
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