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  1. You cannot cut the Seanchan, they are huge, and have a huge impact on the story. Generally they just up the stakes, setting more pressure on Tar Valon and Rand, and really just the whole Westlands feal their touch, even though half of them never see a Seanchan. Spoilers Not to mention that Mat’s story wouldn’t be as grand. He wouldn’t be the greatest general in the world, with the greatest single army of the world. I never liked Egeanin, but (for reasons listed up above) I think they should keep her.
  2. Even with all the important explanations and things that happen, I still think that they will be finished with book 2 by the end of season 1. To me it sounds like they will start the travelling that happens in book 2 early in episode 6, and there is still a lot of travelling in book 2. I don’t think that much of the travelling will take that much time. However I seem to have heard that Logain’s part is going to be increased, and I am not sure how that will play in. I also think that there will be flashes from New Spring that may end up taking much time. All in all I am really looking forward to the show. 😃
  3. I am also thinking 2/3 books per season. Season 1: Book 1 and 2 + flashes from New Spring. Great season finale at Falme. Season 2: Book 3 and 4. Fantastic season finale with fight against Moghedien, fight against Asmodean, and battle at Emond’s Field. Season 3: Book 5 and 6. Amazing finale with Dumai’s Wells. Season 4: Book 7, 8 and 9. Aren’t those books the shortest of them all? Great finale with the reveal of Tuon, and of course, the cleansing. Season 5: Book 10 and 11, maybe with Rands part of 12 (I would love that finale), though this would probably be with more than 8 episodes. Perrin’s getting Faile back hopefully in only one season. Amazing finale with Mat’s marriage to Tuon, The Battle at Malden and Rand’s transformation. Season 6: The rest of book 12 + book 13. Finale with the rescue of Moiraine? Season 7: Book 14. Tarmon Gaidon. The end. Fewer episodes? I guess 7 seasons total. Season finales sounds very shallow, but it is just my way of saying where the season should end. Want to hear what others think of this.
  4. I don’t understand. As far as I understand we do have the name of the 5. episode: «Blood calls blood». Just did a reread of book 1 and 2 and every title so far is named after a chapter in the books. I am guessing Leavetaking, when they leave TR. Shadow’s Waiting is the name for Shadar Logoth. A Place of Safety is in the books when Mat and Rand reach Basel Gill in Caemlyn. I’m guessing that will be it. The Dragon Reborn I think is at the Eye, where Rand channels for the first time, and Moiraine knows it’s Rand that is the one she was searching for. Blood calls blood is a chapter in book 2, where we see Fains prophecy after he escapes Fal Dara. What is weird is that in TGH the chapter Flame of Tar Valon happens before Blood calls blood. The Flame of Tar Valon I am guessing is about Siuan Sanche, isn’t The Flame of Tar Valon one of the titles to the Amyrlin?
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