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  1. Fun! I may just do that. There's always more characters kicking around in my head, looking for a way out. 🙂
  2. Well, goodness...bios@dragonmount.com is NOT the same as bio@dragonmount.com. I'm apparently too eager to proofread. 🙂 I just resent it to the correct address. Thank you for reaching out about not seeing it! I would've just sat contentedly for a few days and then started to worry.
  3. I just submitted a Bio a moment ago, and as I have a bit of the "while the iron is hot" feeling, is there any preliminary writing I can or should do for my character's Novice work, even if I obviously would want to wait on posting it until the Bio is approved. Thank you! 🙂
  4. Just wanted to drop a quick message here to introduce myself, as I did on the main "welcome" board. I'll be submitting a bio for a character in the next couple of days, and look forward to meeting more of y'all.
  5. True. And the fact that, by the end of the series, we understand that there truly are multiple ways to perform healing makes it even difficult to be certain what is and is not possible. Absolutely agree--and a big reason I'm fascinated by villains who don't always deliver fireballs to the face. That's A tactic for when you're engaged in open war. Before the battle lines are clearly known, subtlety often accomplishes more than outright aggression. There are good reasons, after all, why the Black Ajah stayed hidden for millennia: Black is not only the "color of
  6. Absolutely agree with all of the above comments. The audiobooks are top notch, and on Audible, it is a very good deal. Given the length of the books, by the time you get through one of them, it may well be time for your next "free book" with your monthly membership.
  7. Just that they're regular old people, and that in many parts of the world, there aren't enough Wilders for them to form the core of the healers in a region--given all of the accidental culling of the ability over the past thousands of years.
  8. Efficiency isn't necessarily the most effective tool for "evil". At least not in all circumstances, and especially not when one is undercover. Depending on their specific strengths and predilections, this could be a way for a Black Ajah AS to sow political instability or damage the morale of an institution. To get speculative, one also wonders if tumors caused by this warped form "healing" might be potentially resistant to true healing--as it was a related (but twisted) weave that created the illness. And, if so, that could be another psychological weapon, this one to undercut th
  9. Hello. 🙂 I used to be a member here, many years ago, and I'm circling back around for another visit. My fondness for WoT never waned, but it's definitely going through a renaissance at the moment. Rereading the books for the first time in a few years (up to the first 100 pages of Winter's Heart, at the moment), and enjoying it immensely. Especially, since I know which parts I can safely skim... It's a little quieter here at Dragonmount than it used to be, perhaps, but still looks like a lot of wonderful people in community. Cheers! And I look forward to get
  10. To cross fandoms for a second, this made me think of "Darmok and Jalad at Tanagra". 😄
  11. A couple of possibilities, perhaps: 1) The Seanchan were able to determine that it was the work of a ter'angreal, using the Power, versus an angreal or sa'angreal, amplifying the power--and thus assumed that 6 battle-trained damane, with a military escort, would be able to handle even twice their number of "barbaric" Westland channelers. 2) The initial force was merely a scouting or reconnaissance party, intending to take seize control of the situation, if possible, or report back for reinforcements if necessary. Or there's always this one: 3) Bu
  12. When I first read the subject line of this thread, my mind went to a similar place as @SinisterDeath, regarding the possibility of uncontrolled cell growth and tumor formation. Obviously, that's not a thing that we see with the healing weaves taught and used in the series, but I can easily imagine that before the weaves were "perfected", that one would see disturbing side effects akin to cancer. And, it is not hard to imagine, further that these could or would be weaponized in some way. Either as a tool for "delayed assassination", if left to develop at a slow speed, or as a disturbing shock o
  13. To venture a guess, it seems like there may be many reasons for the lack of "old" Wisdoms we see in the Two Rivers area. One may be the simple matter of a small sample size, statistically speaking, introducing an element of randomness that's not representative of what we'd see if we had more data. That's not very fun, though, so let's put it aside for now. Another possibility is that historically we would see a lot more older women serving as Wisdom in the communities in and around the Two Rivers. In this moment in time, however, as the Old Blood begins to really sing a
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