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  1. Well i am only in the middle of The Fires of Heaven. I thought the Shadow Rising was the best so far. The whole section on reliving the past lives back to the Age of Legends really rocked my socks. I re-read those two chapters three times just because i loved it so much. I was only a little disappointed with the end fight with Asmodean. He seemed relatively weak in comparison to the Forsaken that Rand had fought before that (Aginor, Balthamel, Ishamael, Be'Lal,) which made for slightly less interesting Power struggles and such. No Balefire? No exquisite swordplay? EotW i half read years ago, and then picked it up last fall to finish, but i think i i need another read now that i'm enamoured in the series plot. The Great Hunt was fantastic. I thought Dragon Reborn was kind of slow until the end. I wasnt expecting to have the majority of a book be based on someone other then Rand, but i guess i needed to get used to that. It disappointed me that he leaves the Mountains of Mist in the beginning of the book, takes a moment to kill a few people in the middle of the book, and then at the end of the book is just in Tear climbing up the Stone. Nonetheless the series is eating me up. I cant read fast enough.
  2. HELLO ALL. I just joined up. Thanks for putting up a great forum. I'm still new to the series. Started reading last fall, and i am only in the middle of The Fires Of Heaven. Obviously the most brilliant book series i've ever read. I think someone should make the movie series. Thanks a lot for the welcome. Stonebow.
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