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  1. Social distancing and isolation can be tricky for everyone, but I guess It's a lot more difficult and challenging when you have kids. I really did not like that movie version of Montecristo. I definetely have to read the book n_n
  2. It's really nice you could visit so many places in Spain! I'm glad you still want to come back. I didn't see the news about people in the Ozarks during the pandemic until now you mentioned it. I just google it and went to see the pictures. As my searches are set in Spain by default, I usually cannot see news from other places if they are not more in mainstream international media. I should changed that because usually we are used to live and know just our very small portion of the world. Anyway, it doesn't sound like a good move to force you to go to work when you probably were able to work from home. How are things now? Here you can go out more now, and most people do, but some people seem to have gotten used to go out as little as possible and do so right now (me among them). Now is mandatory to own and wear respiratory protection at all times you cannot keep 2 meters distance with everyone else. The Lady Susan movie I found is too recent (2016) and it's called Love & Friendship; I guess it's a new version? What Montecristo movie did you watch? I've been watching the one with Gerard Depardieu all my life (they put it in public TV each year in Spain). I have not read the book yet, but I really enjoy this movie version (I'm sure is not too good, but I'm so used to it since I was a kid that I really like it). I especially like the rol of Bertuccio in this one.
  3. Barcelona is a really nice place, but I prefer the cultural background of Andalucía, or even Toledo. I really like how you can see the misture of the different cultures that developed there. Wow, Lake of the Ozarks really looks like a nice place! Maybe a little crowded in the summer, I guess? But really nice. Then Maybe I shouldn't start reading Austee with Emma. I'll check first the Lady Susan movie, thanks n_n Ig the movie with DiCaprio represents the novel, i think I'm good without trying to read it. Too confusing for my simple tastes ^^u I also had people saying things like that about books I enjoyed as a kid and teenager but mostly my teachers were happy if you were reading something, anything XD I remember one time I was working in a bookstore event and the owner was like that and even said that kind of things to the clients. I didn't understand his idea of bussiness, shaming his potencial clients about their questions about books he didn't like. But I really enjoyed working in a bookstore even if it was just for a couple of weeks.
  4. Hahaha, she would tell you it just takes effort. That's what she tells me, even I couldn't draw even the simplest thing. I think we here have kind of an obssesion with avatar 🤣 I have not seen the "new" FMA series. Just the original anime that doesn't match with the manga. I have the manga at home but I never really finished reading it. I've read the beginning a hundred times, but at some point I was not able to buy more manga and then, a loong time after I buyed the rest of the manga but did not read it since. Do you think it's better if I just see the new anime?
  5. Sevilla is really beautiful. I just visited for a day once, but surely I'll come back some time. But as a city to live as a student I think Granada is better suited, so maybe it was nice that it worked that way for you in the end. I've never been out of Europe, so I know little about the U.S. but I hope I have the chance to visit some time in the future. Maybe when I decide to read something from Jane Austen I can start with Emma. But I don't think it's going to be soon. I watched a movie adaptation not long ago and it seemed interesting. Wow, those are very different choices than what we could read as an assigment for school in Spain. I once tried to read The Great Gatsby but it was the same as with Anna Karenina. I would have love for my tachers to let us choos something more on the line of epic fantasy XD
  6. Carole and Tuesday is precisely the last anime I saw. I love it, it's so cute, sweet and uplifting. And I also saw Castlevania. I really like the main characters and their relationship. I only suffer because this last season Adrian is all alone. My wife was so upset about that that she made a fan art. https://illustraterg.tumblr.com/post/613741151242141696/i-just-finished-castlevania-season-3-and-i-just (If you prefer me to stop sending you links, just say so, I wouldn't want to impose) I haven't watch much lego movies, maybe I'll give them a go. Currently we are rewatching Avatar: Legend of Korra (we finished rewatching Legend of Aang just a couple weeks ago).
  7. Wow, nice spanish there! Hahaha. Yo estudié en Córdoba y he visitado Granada varias veces. It's a really nice and beautiful place to study and live n_n Where are you from if you don't mind me asking? I'm sorry your sister and you had to cancel your trip. A lot of people have had problems like that caused by covid-19 (I lost my part-time job and had to cancel several martial arts programs I was going to attend). I hope you can come to Spain in the future. The same that happened to you with Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, happened to me with Anna Karenina. I don't even remember why I stopped reading but I never pick it up again. I guess I'll try again someday. I hope the close all the loose ends in the end. Sometimes it's nice when they don't but only if its done in a satisfactory way. I have a friend who is a huge fan of Jane Austen but I have not read anything from her. Shame on me, I guess. Waht are you making your students read currently?
  8. Yes! I found out about that recently, but I read in an interview that he didn't used it for that reason. By the answer he provides it sounds more of a coincidence... "Question 37 What made you decide on Robert Jordan as your pseudonym? Is it Hemingway? — Ishamael No, it wasn't Hemingway. I simply wanted to separate the different kinds of books that I wrote with different names, and I made lists of names with my real initials and picked one name from one list and one from another, and Robert Jordan was one of the names that popped out." https://wot.fandom.com/wiki/Source:SciFi_Channel_Chat_at_Dragon*Con_97,_28_June_1997
  9. I read Dracula and Dr. Jekyll an Mr. Hyde as a teenager, but not Anna Karenina. I enjoyed Dracula a lot but some of my friends in the reading club didn't. I guess it caught all my atention with its dark settings and characters. But maybe I wouldn't enjoy it so much now. I finished WoT before reading anything form Sanderson, but I still recognised some of his style retroactively. I agree with you that he did an amazing job completing WoT. I'm halfway through Dragon Reborn and I think I'll keep re reading WoT ultil the end, but you are inspiring me to take Montecristo sooner than later n_n
  10. Hi! Thanks. I think I'm managing, more or less ^^u Although I still have much to explore and learn. I am from Spain and I just studied a little English in school and then on my own. I was lucky to be able to spend a month in Ireland before college and that helped a lot. But sometimes I notice my english is an incoherent mix between british and american english.
  11. Nice! It certaninly is a really good series. What animes have you been watching lately, if you dont't mind my asking?
  12. She thanks you 😃 That show is awesome. Maybe your daugthers would enjoy the show Dragon Prince if they like She-Ra n_n
  13. I haven't read the Mistborn Trilogy yet. I guess I started reading Sanderson at an odd place after reading Elantris. But I'll get to Mistborn eventually; I'm sure it's totally worth reading. What other Rice's books have you read? I've read just a couple outside Queen of the Damned ones, but they didn't left a lasting impression.
  14. Hahaha, no, it's not. It's a drawing my wife did for me as a present. That's suppose to be me with my protector. She published it in her tumblr, but I don't think you saw it there. It is based in the aesthetics from the She-Ra, Princesses of Power new series. Here you can see the complete image and the story behind: https://illustraterg.tumblr.com/post/190116891288/hi-long-time-no-see-happy-new-year-ive-been
  15. One of my Sanderson-loving friends couldn't finish The Eye of the World because he thougth everything was going sooo slowly. In my reread I have to agree with him if you compare things with Stormlight Archive, for example (both of us had just read Oathbringer). But I think he eventually will come back. Or at least I hope XD Hope your brother can be convinced to start WoT n_n Wow, about Rice's books, I think we are just the opposite. I really liked Interview with the Vampire, but then I read The Vampire Lestat and I liked that even more. And by the second chapter I was totally invested in Lestat's point of view. But I agree with you in the part about Louis not making much sense. I guess that was the idea, everyone's the hero (or at least not the villain) from their own point of view. Also, I'm sure I didn't read book one with all the attention you must have put into it for using it for college. And then I think I just read some of Queen of the Damned chapters before feeling I didn't want to go on. But this was all a long time ago, so I don't remember the details. I was one of this teens that didn't understand leaving a book unread once you had started. But now I'm more selective with my time and I think that's good too. About Montecristo, you are helping me to want to read it sooner than later. My old coppy is jus sitting there, gathering dust on the shelve. Maybe after The Dragon Reborn.
  16. Thanks! A lot of us, non-english speakers, here, I guess XD
  17. Hahaha, well maybe my english will not be such a problem as my crappy computer and me not quite knowing how forums work ^_^u
  18. Thanks! Wow, it's been ages since I read Queen of the Damned. I think I just read the first two and a half books and then also got tired ^^u And Count of Monte Cristo is in my to do list for some time now. How are you liking it? I actually started rereading WoT because I've been years trying for this friend os mine to read them. And then she said she would if we did it together. But in the end she never even started and here I am, just finished book two.
  19. It just occurred to me that the name Robert Jordan could actually be an altered anagram for Dragon Reborn. Well, it would be "Drajon Rebort" but I think is close enough. Like what you would obtain if trying to make an anagram for Dragon Reborn that sounded actually like a real name. I know Robert Jordan picked the pseudonym years before the first WoT book got published and I thinkt he never actually said anything about any sort of anagram, but still it seems like a huge coincidence. Has anyone thought about this before? I've been searching the forums but I haven't found anything about this topic. But I'm new here, so maybe I don't know how to search properly ^_^u What do you think about it?
  20. Hello! I'm a long time fan currently re-reading so I thought to come here to be able to talk about WoT with other fans. I'm not a native english speaker, so apologies in advanced about my fairly possible mistakes in spelling, grammar and so on. n_n
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