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  1. An English teacher.. pretty cool. I agree its the characters that bring the stories to life and their interactions. I used to reread the previous books everytime a new one came out. Life was simple then. Work gets in the way now..! Lol How is life in the midwest.
  2. Oh...... does that mean .. I'm The new recruit..? Great..! 😩 This is not a Whaahoooo moment.. I've read all the books.. A few times.. . Favourite characters are Nynaeve and Mat. Love her drive and stubbornness and bullying. Mat ... what can you say. What are your favourite characters.. and where are you with the books..?
  3. Hey Lavandula.. I guess im a newbie.. 🙂 good guess Jeannaisais... sorry to disappoint. Where are you guys.. I'm in London.
  4. Hi Ryrin... trying to navigate my way around the city.. I'm sure I'll get the white tower eventually.. Zax
  5. Hiya hope everyone is well. I started reading wot several years ago.. the wait for the next book was excruciating.. but usually worth the wait. The characters were brilliant.. especially Mat, thought I'd join and make some friends. Zax
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