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  1. Thanks, all! And will do, Turin... Scrambles off to the training grounds with wooden sword in hand...
  2. Five and a half years! Wow, you're quite the veteran around these parts How's Canada so far? Hmmm well, right now I'm in Beijing, but it's my last night here! Almost time to head back stateside. Outside of the states, my favorite places that I've been are South Africa (between the beautiful coastline, the sweeping expanses of veld, the Drakensberg Mountains... it's all amazing - but the real gem are the fascinating people (see: MoN and Mother)), Bhutan (I'm a sucker for mountains... and again, the people are amazing - it's also really interesting to see such a different sense of reality that, by and large, an entire nation of people share), and Denmark (beautiful country, beautiful people, beautiful cities...). In the states, the White Mountains in NH, the Rockies in Wyoming, and Kauai in Hawaii top my list. How 'bout you?
  3. Hi Senexx (and the rest of the Brown), I'm Al Caldazar, an initiate of the WT/Warders and gai'shain of the Aiel. I've only been around DM for two weeks, and so far, it's been awesome. I have a degree in International Affairs, concentrating in Security and Conflict studies - now I'm studying Chinese. In addition to WoT, I enjoy reading... basically anything. Outside of reading, I enjoy the outdoors, travelling, any sort of physical activity, and spending time with friends and family. Aside from the hot cocoa and other chocolate products, what is the best part about being a Brown on DM?
  4. Canadians are by and large really nice people and easy to get along with, it'll work out just fine. This time of year will be a little cold, although coming from Sweden... well, it'll feel just like home
  5. Welcome, Faline - and that is an EXCELLENT motorbike name
  6. Hey there, Welcome Edge. If you got any questions for a fellow newbie, feel free to ask! See you around
  7. Nice to meet everyone! I'll head on over to the social forums and check it out... the White Tower's Halloween party, eh? Thanks for all the help too!
  8. Thanks! Hmmm least favorite character... I think it changes for different parts in the series. Right now, I'm rereading WoT and in the middle of Knife of Dreams, and I'm getting a little bit tired of Elayne's being-with-child frustrations or Perrin's nothing-else-exists-but-to-save-Faile blinders. I love both characters for most of the series, but right now.... eeesh, it's dragging on me. And favorite forsaken? Hmm... I enjoy Graendal's absolute embrace of the raw pains and pleasures of the world. She seems to be the most cruel and twisted of the Forsaken, yet doesn't let that interfere with being relatively sharp-minded. She's not all that successful in her schemes... but I'd have to say she's my favorite. Unfortunately, I'm going to be too far west and timing's just a bit off to make it this year, but hopefully in the years to come... Just a few questions - how do the social forums work? And... any suggestions for working on a sig?
  9. After a year or two of browsing DM weekly as a guest, I guess it was finally time to sign up and get on board. Can't make it to JordanCom next spring, but looking forward to the one after that. Thanks to everyone who makes this such a great site - everything from the forums to the galleries to the podcasts... it's fantastic. Glad to finally join the community!
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