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  1. I would love to see Gawyn, Loghain & Mat fight Demandred together. Gawyn with the rings, Loghain with an Angreal and Mat with the OG Foxhead. With the AS and their bonded Asha’man fighting the Sharan circle. Hope the TV serial fixes this
  2. It would have been a lot more worse if Egwene had not been there. The rebel camp took time to realize that TV was under attack and by the time they reacted many mite AS would have been captured/killed. So many more AS captured would have made peace between AS and Seanchan impossible even in TG. Also Mesaana and many more BA would have remained hidden giving one more Foresaken plus Dreadlords in the LB. Egwene’s impulsive decisions to contribute to cuendillar blockage had far reaching effects ... but I guess that is the whole point of WoT series and RJ’s vision i.e. we never know how which thread/decision will fit into what outcome
  3. 8 years too late to clear up Halima’s rep, but she was more effective than many seem to give her credit 1. She probably influenced Egwyne in speeding up the AS confrontation and brought them very close to open battle 2. By killing Anaiya she ensured that Egwyne’s warning of Seanchan attack will go unheard 3. Her usage of Saidin also probably seeded mistrust of Asha’man in the Rebel AS camp Had the Egwyene not been captured by the Loyalists, which was due to a spur of the moment decision by Eggy, at least one of the following would have happened, any of them could have been a disaster for Light 1. Rebels and Loyalists would have come to blows 2. Seanchan attack on WT would have captured several AS, destroying any possibility of alliance between Tuon & Rand
  4. It’s a combination of things. They tried to dominate him in Andor, broke his restrictions and then there were 13. For all their ‘supposed’ wisdom many AS are overconfident, know-it-alls and used to being awed by others. Moraine, Nynaeve, Cadsuane, the ones who bonded Ashaman & Unaligned sisters are the ones who show sense. What Rand did was a culmination of his frustration and their arrogance. Had someone like Cadsuane or Morraine been in charge, this may not happened Egwyne’s actions of building bridges with Wise Ones and Windfinders will improve them a long way
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