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  1. On the newest Wheel Talk, Padan Fain spills the tea, and the Emond's Fielders lose their minds. Enjoy! -Recappa Sedai
  2. Hello Dragonmount! I've just posted the second episode of Wheel Talk, where I recap and Delve a chapter from The Wheel of Time every week. The first half of each episode is a spoiler-free recap. The second half is The 13th Depository, where I dive deep on the chapter as it relates to the whole series. These videos are for first-time readers and long-time fans, so please share your thoughts! I'm excited to make more. All episodes can also be found at letsgetwheel.com The Light illumine you all, and keep it Wheel! -Recappa Sedai (of the Brown Ajah)
  3. Hello, Dragonmount! I've been meaning to join this community for a while. I'm a proud Wheel of Time geek, and I love discussing the series with other fans! I just started a YouTube channel called Wheel Talk, where I recap WOT while living my drag Aes Sedai fantasy (I'm a proud Sister of the Brown Ajah). Here's Episode One: Dragonmount! Hope you'll share your thoughts! I want Wheel Talk to be a safe space to share love of WOT, and learn from each other. Wonderful to meet you all! Keep it Wheel, Recappa Sedai
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