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  1. I'm curious; Where did you get that "Randland" is supposed to be Earth?
  2. LTT did not touch the True Power. As the Great Lord's true enemy, there is no conceivable way it could of happened. Edit: You know bloody well why.
  3. Okay thanks Ghaul, I appreciate how quick you helped me out. I am finally going to involve Aiel with Darkness of my ilk, in a non violent manner soon.. ;) Although it should be...
  4. That would be a correct assumption. I would rather RP it than have it in a bio, thus giving me more character development. ;) I like it.
  5. I should feel honored? No no my friend, they should feel honored to have the oppertunity to greet me. :)
  6. Just stopping in to say "Why hello there!" I'm kind of an old school DMer, and have a little more free time right now between work. More commonly known as Zio Curselight, or Juda Sword. Yeah, that's right.. for some reason I always end up back here. Got myself a dreadlord that I'll have some pretty sweet character development in.. on that note, it's great to be back here.
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