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  1. I'm working on how the heck I am going to teach French remotely for the rest of the school year. Woohoo! Or something 😂
  2. Okay, I'll do my best. If I didn't explain enough, let me know: 1) Interact in the spirit of the books without necessarily taking on characteristics of RP; be a support system for one another. Have fun but be appropriate. 2) The Code of Conduct spells out how inappropriate behavior would be dealt with so that there are clear expectations going into participation on the site. Being a teacher, I understand! 3) PG-13 means if I wouldn't be okay with my middle school students reading it here, it's inappropriate. 4) Thread-highjacking is taking over a thread and steering it off topic, or monopolizing a thread with friends; spam is basically a junk post or posts that only raises one's post count without contributing to the real spirit of interaction on the website. The policy goes into some details about warnings and how you can have your posts limited for varying lengths of time if you can't adhere to the policy.
  3. I'm Melisa, I used to do a lot of RP on some other WoT fan sites, but I lost most of my co-writers and gave up when the website went down and a lot of my writing was lost. I started reading the books in school (after prompting by a long-distance friend) and caught up to the current book when book 7 came out. I have been working for a while as a French teacher and I'm switching to English next year. I'm generally an inside person although I love to escape by traveling, especially for concerts. I love music and I enjoy watching football, and I used to read like crazy, but I do so much reading for work that I pretty much stopped reading for fun. Sigh!
  4. French and English. It sounds like you have two fantastic sons! Good job! 🙂
  5. I'm middle/high school in IN and I'm just changing schools in my city, but it's still moving. Thanks for the welcome. Whew....IEP meetings....
  6. I've read, understood, and agree to abide by all the rules in this document. My form was just submitted.
  7. I'm new here. Decided this was the best place to drop in. I'm a teacher and we're on week 2 of an extended break until May 1st (or later). We did one week virtually, now it's "Spring Break" and we have a two-week additional break from the state that we're supposed to use to prep for virtual lessons from the 13th through May 1st. I have already started planning that, because I like to be ahead of things. I don't feel that it's likely that we will be back for the rest of the year. I'm changing schools at the end of the year and when it really hit me that we were likely to be out the rest of the year I was sooo stressed about moving and everything. There's not really anything I can do about that at this time though so I finally got that through my head and I feel a bit better about it all this week. Just hoping all of the family stays healthy. --M
  8. I used to RP a bunch of characters until about 5 years ago when the site went down and we lost what was posted there. I was pretty prolific. Around the time the site went down most of my co-writers dropped off the face of the earth, so that was the end of that. Now I have allll kinds of time, lol.
  9. Now that I'm waiting to go back to work for a month plus, I have a couple of books that have been waiting for me to have free time. One is The Shining (copy bought years ago at the Stanley) and my sister got me a book about the Friends TV show for Christmas. I can always go reread some WOT if I get TVd out!
  10. Hi all, I started doing this WOT online stuff back at Silklantern, then PortalStones as Melisa Sedai and Ayrowa Kathan, among others. Now I'm here, and I'm not working for an extended period as most of us are at home, so here I am. How's everyone? --M
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