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  1. I’m burning through the books and often needing some clarification hope you guys don’t mind ! in chapter ten what is the secret the girl squad is so scared of tar Valon finding out ? I’m assuming it’s what liandrian did and that they used the one power as a weapon ? also they spoke of hurin and how they ignored him the first time he had a feeling, Verin is aware of what he is why would she ignore his warning ?
  2. First time reading the series and I’m really enjoying it just finished the great hunt. have a question about the ending don’t know if I’m dense or because I finished it at 9 am after reading all night, but what was up with the whole fight in the sky? when I read it and the most enveloped the battle field, rand and his squad were firmly on the ground, like how Perrin ran off and got a branch. I just read it as he was fighting with furnace eyes on the ground with like a heightened connected sense to everyone, where were the clue they were in the sky ? Did I miss all of them
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