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  1. Well, if you Healed them, then you wouldn't have to hold the flows right? If you used a cage of Air and the person could channel, then you would have to worry about holding it as well as if they might break the weave. You would also have to worry about shielding them so they couldn't strike back at you.
  2. Wow! This is way more responses then I thought the question would get! Thank you for all your great ideas! When I posed this question I was thinking of it more as if you were being attacked by multiple people at once, and you didn't want to kill them for some reason, maybe they have valuable information, could you make someone weak by Healing them to buy yourself some time to deal with the other threats? I haven't finished the series yet, so I didn't know if that was possible.
  3. Also if you are going to reply with spoilers for books 11-14 then please leave a spoiler warning at the top of your comment. Sorry. I just really hate spoilers! Thanks to everyone who puts up with my request.
  4. I just had this thought and I was wondering if you could in fact use Healing as a weapon. It sounds wrong but just hear me out. So Healing is meant to heal people right? But it also drains the person being Healed of energy and takes a minimal amount of energy from the Healer. So could you Heal someone to make them weak and easy to defeat or capture? What do you think? Could Healing be used as a weapon?
  5. Yeah. Book 10 is by far my least favorite so far. I just started the first chapter after almost five months on the prologue. Winter's Heart was great but I think my favorite book so far is Lord of Chaos for the ending. So Winter's Heart and Lord of Chaos are my favorites at this point.
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