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  1. i have no issues with the casting for the show. my biggest gripe about it would be the guy playing perrin is a bit thin for a blacksmith but as along as they all play the part they were given and can immerse me into the world jordan created ill be very happy. Jordan didnt include racial/gender/religous plots in his story and it should 100% remain that way. if i see a drag queen on the show im going to lose interest. if i see a christian crusade im going to lose interest. if i see someone being mistreated in the plot because of their skin color im going to lose interest. i dont mind at all if they have any same sex couples in the plot as long as its not going to be centered around that as neither is hetero sexual plots. jordan wasnt known for writing good romance sequences and im perfectly fine they tweak that and add it to the scripts. just dont push it so hard to show how ''woke'' you are looking for praise from a minority of people who want to see that ideology push on to everyone. like i said before these people who want to push idealiology into WOT would flip their shit if they pushed Jordans christian religion onto them. everyone who loves the books love them for what they are. why alienate any group of people and risk popularizing the show. keep it true to the books and EVERYONE is pleased.
  2. as seen above this show will fail if it puts american pc culture in the forefront over the plot in the books. people get angry when you dont think the same as them instead of trying to discuss it breaks out into full blown emotional argument with the words ''bigots'' and ''racist'' and ''alt-right-far-left'' KEEP AMERICAN PC CULTURE AWAY FROM WOT.
  3. its getting pretty toxic here already. its obvious that pushing american pc culture to the forefront of a beloved book series that wasnt at all about romance or race relations or gender identity will be extremely divisive amongst all the fans of this series. make rand gay...who care but if you bring it to the forefront to show how ''woke''you are then your series will fail plain and simple. how would any swjs feel if they made everyone strict christian and same sex relations was forbidden in Randland and that its always brought to the forefront about how sinful it is? you dont want that shit pushed on you and neither do i. compromise and keep the plot of the books to the front. or they go full on identity politics and see every forum about the show become a toxic hate speech platform.
  4. please keep woke american politics out of WoT. keep true to the fantasy story and fans. if they feel they need to change the characters sexuality the show will be doomed catering to the minority for that. i for 1 DO NOT want to hear american pc culture in this tale what so ever.
  5. i feel the same way. if she is cut completely it will destroy alot of what i made sense of in the entire series. i do understand how it may need to be rewritten abit and can deal with her coming into the story later but not so late that they have to rush their relationship status in order to fit chronological timelines. Min is a minor story line up until crown of swords when she really becomes very important in rands sanity. im guessing thatll be around season 3 maybe 4 so id hope to see her involvement a season or 2 prior for character development. i have faith at the moment but would be lying if i said i wasnt concerned for not seeing a casting role for Min at this time or any word of her involvement in the series. fingers crossed.
  6. I agree entirely. Min is arguably the 2nd most important character after Rand in saving the world. Without rand the dark one defeats all. Without Min Rand destroys the world.
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