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  1. Thank you so much for your help (and all the other help I got) that was just the answer I was looking for. I’m soon gonna start LoC because I finished FoH yesterday and it was AMAZING (my favorite one yet). I’m worried though that I’m not going to like it based on that some people say that it’s really slow until the end and I really want enjoy at least one book more before the slog, but I will power through cause nothing can make me not love this series.
  2. I already know how the magic system works (thanks to Daniel Greene) but I love to read about the ‘explanation’ of it. When I read the Stormlight Archives series I very much liked the beginning when the lashes got explained and the same with the training montage in Mistborn. So I want to know if there is a book that explains it, if you know what I mean.
  3. Ok, Thank you so much!! That was really helpful!
  4. Hi, I know there are many threads out there with people asking how the magic system works in WoT and I’ve gone through most of them, trust me. I understand it, but while I read the books - I have recently finished the fourth one - I don’t understand how the characters could weave these things they do. I went in hoping that book 4 would explain it to me so I could understand it even better, and for the entirety of the book I was patiently waiting and when I finished it the amazing feeling of have read a such great book combined with the unsatisfaction of not getting what I wanted from it. Don’t get me wrong I totally loved it and I did get some knowledge of the system. So my question is - and please don’t spoil anything - in which book does it get in-depth explained? Thanks in advance.
  5. Sorry, I forgot to update and say that I’ve finished the first three books and enjoyed the third one the most. I’m really excited to continue on the series!
  6. Hi everyone!! You’ve probably seen this question a million times but I’m midway through the first book in the WoT series and this far only the prologue has been good. I’m a huge fan of all Brandon Sanderson books out there especially in the cosmere. I started reading the book and expected pretty much from it, and the prologue definitely stood up to my expectations! But after that nothing really exciting happened in my opinion. Don’t get me wrong I really like the characters but the story isn’t going anywhere. Will the whole book be like this with nothing happening? I’m a big sucker for big epic fights and mind-blowing plot twists, so will the series deliver that? Does Eye of the world get better? I would appreciate if you left spoilers out of this thread thank you! 🙏🏼
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