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  1. Yes, Perrin is always questioning himself and his action, but Mat is doing a right thing. Sometimes it looks like he is pushed, but he always does what it has to be done.
  2. I really don't think that they will have time, for all that. I can see it as flashbacks or she as an extra in the tv show, like joining Morraine in one of the towns? I don' t really see it too be long as taking whole 'New spring' and then going with the 'Eye of the world'.
  3. Well, that would be fun to see. I mean, rounding up army and commanding. Plus, it would be fun too see Berelain and Faile having a bigger contest xD!
  4. We should accept the fact that adaptation will be different from the books. But, story line should stay the same. I mean, i stay behind the fact that something can be reduced or removed, because there are a lot of conversations in the books and running around, that we don't need. But, removing charters as Zarine or Elayne, Aviendha and Min, because you will go in another direction, will just change the story. Jordan created a world were everything is connected. Were connection are important. Brotherhood, love, anger, despair...everything is a part of that what makes us human.
  5. So, biggest concern from me? That show will be a subliminal manifestation, from the ideological groups. Meaning what? Meaning that they will try to make it more about "empowerment", then about the story. Cast is solid. I love the fact that they gave main role to bunch of new faces, and gave us experience actors, who can support the young cast and carry the burden of more complicated parts on them. Some things could easily be pushed aside, as the talks about cloth and supporting characters. But, I really don't see a way for Elayne, Aviendha or Min, having different direction or love interest. Because, their love and guidance is what define Rand and his fight. Hope that they don't change that, and that show will be a success.
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